NYC Mayor Bloomberg Defends Ground Zero Mosque


Does he mention the part about how it's not really a mosque and not really at Ground Zero?
Thank you Mayor Bloomberg.
I'd rather our ELECTED officials not take any stand for ANY religious facility at any location.

Besides, a homeless shelter, school, library would help more people...
I wonder how long it will be there before somebody blows the fucking thing up.
It's not like the money for it came from the same Wahhabi extremists that attacked us on 9-11 from Saudi Arabia, right?

You know, the ones that aren't in Iraq or Afghanistan ... but elsewhere ... like where France is attacking while we dither.
Freedom of religion means just that. It wasn't Islam that blew up the towers. It was extremist murderers. And it's really disgusting that Palin demagogues the issue for political gain. That worthless bitch!
@3: How about this. Protesters are trying to deny the property owners of a property that has been empty for 9 years the right to build whatever they choose on their land. Whether or not you like religion, the government has stood on the most just side in a property use lawsuit.
@7 can I build a Rave Bar?
Wow, the Chaplan for Ground Zero, Father Brian (couldn't hear his name right) was on fire, finishing with one of the most awesomely angry "God bless you" I've ever heard.

He's liable to get elected for something.
That's my mayor! I like Mike :)
I have an idea for a reality show, here it goes: Take 3 dozen teabaggers, drop them in the most diverse areas of NYC and watch them run for cover, to the whitest, lamest safe havens they could find. Which they wouldn't be able to.
I'm sure most teabaggers have never even seen a mosque or have lived anywhere close to muslims at all
@3 - I hear you. Why should our representatives play around with religion at all? Well, because we haven't -as a world- reached that point yet. It is still important to play religio-politics. Religions are still a part of the conversation - like them or not (and I don't), and as such, they need to be respected and considered (...when they aren't killing people or fucking little boys, etc.).

-- Building a mosque at "Ground Zero" (nuclear what?) is a bold & humble move, and an olive-branch to a huge number of people that have the reason and right to be pissed off at us/our national politics. (Seriously: What do you think Iraq looks like after being regularly bombed since 1989? "No-fly zones", what? 20 YEARS of bombing sorties create a bit of a mess.) I can only hope that building this mosque (AND PULLING OUR TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ & A-STAN *ahem*) will help somewhat soothe the injuries inflicted between different peoples.

Someone has to take the first step.
As the stronger nation, does it not behoove us to take that first step... (and the second, and the third - patience being rewarded with trust) ...towards real peace?

@7 - Hoist the "Libertarians" on their own petard! Indeed.

@8 - Yes.

@6 - Right on. Is this country founded on actual freedom? Or only one version of freedom?

That remains the question.
"AT" Ground Zero? Wow these people are just making shit up. Have they ever been to NYC? It's 2 blocks away or, in other words almost a half mile walking. Are we going to say that we have a right to decide which religious buildings go up within a half mile circle around ground zero? If so I guess we can put up a circle around the pentagon too right? How about a half mile circle around the Oklahoma City building where...Oh, sorry that terrorist wasn't Muslim. How about a half mile circle around that IRS building in TX that the guy flew a plane...Oops, that terrorist wasn't Muslim either. OK, it's just ground zero.
I am angered and outraged at the church they built in Oklahoma City. This is a slap in the face of the victims of that heinous bombing.
@11, that is reality TV that would be worthwhile.

@12, I think in this case it's because some folks are trying to make it into a zoning issue or a historic preservation issue, so Bloomberg and pals have to at least stand up and say that it isn't.
The people that want to build this Mosque have ties to. Bloomberg view following video . . .…
The people that want to build this Mosque have ties to. Bloomberg view following video . . .…
N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg how can you be so insensitive?! The people that want to build this have ties to. Well view the following video and maybe you will be able to figure it out.…
@11 - it could be like "The Warriors" drop them off in the South Bronx and tell them they have to make it down to Coney Island by morning.