Re: While We Wait For a Federal Judge in San Francisco to Rule on Gay Marriage Tomorrow...


they may be bigoted hacks and that shabby excuse for their decision is almost certainly incorrect, but the reason that it ended up in their judgement was because the case was decided on the basis of "rational review".
It is also important to note that most of us have no desire to have children. Can we get married if we promise not to adopt?
Or, we could all quit pretending this is about marriage.

Seriously, get a load of this. It is a long but comprehensive report on what exactly the "protect marriage" crowd in Minnesota is really all about:…
It's a travesty that judges are directly elected in this state. WA is a referendum-happy state -- where's the ref on that? I'll sign its petition yesterday.
when are we gunna get rid of the other 3 fuckers
Agreed, Dan.

The very idea that children will only flourish in an opposite-sex household is ludicrous. Seriously. Children flourish in any environment where they are loved and nurtured to their full potential. Opposite-sex, same-sex or even single parenting makes no difference. Any person with two brain cells to rub together to make a rational thought knows this.

The bigots and haters know this too. They simply do not want the majority of people to realize this, as well. But, the times and tides are a changing.
Funny thing...we learned in soc that children with same-sex parents are exactly the same as those with het-parents, except that the former have more flexible ideas about gender roles. But I guess that's not too reliable, since the info was based on a ten+ year study of thousands of children...oh wait, that makes it highly reliable.
Any lie to reinforce their bigotry. Any and every lie and liar. And then they present themselves as morally superior. Is the public really that stupid?
Gay couples generally have more $, taste, and education than Straight couples. Kids thrive better when they can eat, dress warmly, and read.
@10 Is that true? I'm not saying you're wrong, I just haven't read anything on that comparison. Of course the taste thing cannot be quantified, but I'd be interested in seeing the $/education stats. Not interested enough to google it myself, but interested.
I wondered if you would ever post this, but this is the perfect occasion. I hope you are enjoying your vacation Dan, Terry and D.J.

I still have everything double crossed for the Prop 8 announcement!
We'll have to withhold judgement until Gary and Tony weigh in on the subject.....