Animals Killed By Trains


Trains make pretty short work out of cars, too. Definitely not something to be messed with.
No, the trains roll on exactly as if nothing happened, because they're trains. That is, until it gets to the end of the line and someone has to break out the soap and carcass brush. So you're saying death is a diesel?
I think the cow one is more shocking. Something eerie about the way the cow stares at the train head on for a few seconds there. Definitely suicide.
Ground beef.
When I lived in Africa, I heard many a story of critters getting hit by trains. Sometimes entire flocks say, of sheep were hit. In those cases, the shepherds, if one accompanied the flock were held accountable. Quite unfortunate but not uncommon.
You're so deep.
@5, the moose is the best death.
you mean.... mooicide
@8: The... best death? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and interpret that as meaning 'the best video for trains as a metaphor for death'.
the cow video lingers. is the oblivious or resigned? either way it is a bit haunting.

btw, where are all the vegan peta types screaming for Charles' blood for this posting?
Charles please stop writing like you know me and have something to teach me (or is it us? we?). Now I'm confused. Please stop though.
I accept the dedication with gratitude, Charles.

The train vs. cow clip is a metaphor for the way people obliviously don't see impending disaster when it bears down on them and then take no measures to avoid it.

Bear witness, for example, to every time when a whole circle of family or friends knows that a loved one's hooking up with a dangerous partner in a domestic relationship is going to end badly — yet the loved one somehow misses it. Or when a nation-state hauls off to start a war in another country and ends up stuck there in a quagmire that was predictable from the start.

The possibilities are endless. We see trains vs. cows every single day.
@3 -- Suicide? I think not.

Cow was engaging in an ill-advised game of Chicken.
My uncle used to drive a train for BNSF. Whenever his brother would start telling a hunting story, he would always say, "I've killed more deer (or whatever) with my train than you ever will with your gun!."

Moving on, I know that you wouldn't be able to feel anything in a train when you hit a camel, but I wonder if you'd be able to hear anything.