What Time Is the Prop 8 Decision Coming?


Dear The Stranger,

Please pick a place and a time and say "this is where everyone is meeting". I would rather not go to another dreary advertisement for socialism. Can you just say "let's all meet at westlake at 6pm" or "pike and broadway at 7pm"? If only 5 people show up, oh fucking well. 5 people constitutes a pretty damn good game of Monopoly. Or an orgy, depending on compatability of sex organs.

Heart you,
It's so cute he's releasing it this way, like: save the drama for your mama. Here's the drill-down link to the Perry case page for the lazy:
Boston's big picture today is same-sex marriage:

As a straight ally, I must say that the anticipation of this ruling is making my heart race more than anything to do with gays should. (Not gay. (No homophobia.))
@3: Thanks for the link, Joe. Such a delightful set of pics!

My fingers are crossed, I'm sending good thoughts, and I'm praying for you guys. The time for DOMA/Prop 8 to end cannot come soon enough.
Why is Seattle missing from this list?
@1 - I work near Westlake, and I was planning to take my lunch late today, expecting there to be at least a few people. On second thought, a gathering isn't likely to happen until after work anyway, but at least I'll be there sometime between 1 and 3.
@6: That's the point of Baconcat's post #1 up there. To decide on a place & a time.
Could we have it in the International District after work? I have dinner reservations. Thanks!
An evening event allows us to figure out what the ruling means before running out into the streets. If Prop 8 is overturned and it turns out the ruling is a very strong tone-setting ruling, we should all lose our heads and get real happy. If Prop 8 is upheld but on a weak ruling, we should protest but recognize that we're better off with a weak ruling upholding Prop 8 than a weak ruling overturning it.

If Prop 8 is upheld in a strong ruling, uh...

Conditional: If Prop 8 is overturned in a very strong and broad ruling, meet on Broadway between Pike and Pine? Neighbours could pump out the good news into the streets. And maybe a drag queen can get on top of the building and sing the Star Spangled Banner and lead us in a rousing rendition of this year's gay anthem, Kylie Minogue's All The Lovers.

If Prop 8 is overturned or upheld in a weak and specific ruling, stay home.

If Prop 8 is upheld in a very strong and broad ruling, meet at Westlake and go from there.

Yes? No? Maybe?