E-Book Covers Don't Have to Be Static


This reminds me of the moving pictures belonging to publications in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.
I think this is very cool... I might have cut one of the "accolades" (maybe the now a motion picture one) just to make the lead-in into the title a little shorter. But still, pretty neat.

Maybe someday an "e-book" will be as dynamic as a web page, or a blog.

Perhaps they'll even have words that you can click on...called..."hyperlinks".

Call Jeff Bezos...there might be research money available!
If I wanted it to move, I'd watch TV. This is the most horrible idea I've ever heard. Are you sure this isn't a Will in Seattle fantasy?
@ 1 - Yes! That was the first thing I thought of, too!

Some cool possibilities, indeed... I'm thinking of those visual dictionaries where stuff's all pictorially exploded so you can see how it works.. dinosaurs and airplanes and stuff.. If those parts could move, if you could move 'em around... hhmmm....
Julie @ 2 nails it. Brilliant idea, slightly over-done.