Phone-Book Bill Would Be Toughest in the Country


Who is this O'Brian guy?

Do you mean O'Brien?

I know having two Mikes is hard ... but ...
sorry - yes o'brien!
I have a feeling the doors of hell are being opened on this and the phone books companies are going to be pushing back big time. But I hope O'Brien wins.
Good job Mike O'brien! Thank you!
My internet was down off and on for a couple days (thank you Qwest) and boy was I glad to have my phone books then...
Opt-In option, please.

@5 so don't opt out, leotard
Opt out does not fix the problem.

Opt in fixes the problem.
yes please
Bu-bu-bu-but this means they'll have to hire non-junkies who can read the addresses, rather than just blanket the neighborhood.

I'll never forget the time I heard him out there and opened the door, and the emaciated, stinking phonebook delivery guy blew a lungful of smoke directly into my face. Good times.
It would be great if there was a penalty attached to delivering the phone book to opt-out addresses. Also, no independent contractors, only full time employees should deliver these. full disclosure, I work for the largest printer of phone books in the country.
A truly tough law would put the phone book publishers to death, perhaps burned alive on a pyre of unwanted phone books...
Oh the lawsuits and bald-faced lobbying we'll have!
I'm looking forward to opting out on behalf of everyone in my building, then swiping the pile of phone books they leave in front of the building next door and filing a complaint so the fuckers get fined. Oh yes, revenge is going to be sweet.
This bill doesn't sound like it does anything for apartments and condominium buildings where they drive up and start tossing books into the lobby. Who opted out? How many were delivered? It won't matter, they don't count them, they just shovel them out.
"Seattle would create a $100 annual business license for yellow pages publishers."

Why not make it a $100 annual business license for each yellow page delivery person instead? Or make it a scaling fee based on the number of books they'd like to deliver if it's on the businesses like Dex themselves? $100 per 1000 sounds fair.
A $56M budget hole, and this guy is worried about phone books? That's what he is spending staff time, and his time on?

Stupid is as stupid does.
@18: There are a billion people on this planet living on a less than a dollar a day. Are you gonna drink that beer? Is that what you're spending your time and disposable income on?
i hope this sweeps the nation and rids us all of useless phone books.