Peregrine was robbed. I found Abdi's work to be technically precise, but generic, directionless, and devoid of any direct life experience in relation to his subject matter.
Does anyone really expect a reality competition to find the next great artist/chef/designer/pop star? In the end, I did find that it was a pretty compelling television, though.

I liked Abdi's work the least of the three and was disappointed at how LaChapelle's reaction to his trite bodybag piece seemed to sway the judging. I've always been a Miles fan, but wouldn't would have had a hard time choosing between his cool exploration and Peregrine's carnival.
Yes, but who had the best sofa-size oils?

I was shocked at how much I enjoyed that show. I look forward eagerly to the next season. I was really bugged when they were categorized into the (something interesting and not gender or race based i.e. the white guy), the feminist (WHAT was feminist about that show??), and the one who handles race, and there were plenty of other annoying things, like Nicole getting kicked off and (interestingly) Peregrine not winning, but the window into the process was fascinating and I can't wait for more.

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