1. I think your "waterbrain" could be compared to our "cabin fever," you know, basically an unchanging weather pattern that induces mild insanity.

2. I actually liked that Mudede post. In his way, Charles seemed to be speaking about the futility of over-planning, of missing out on one's life to save for a retirement where you will be too tired (from all that slaving away) to do anything but watch Wheel of Fortune. I think he is saying we are pathetic creatures if we don't learn how to live NOW, and I'm surprised he didn't include a story about the couple that scrimped and saved and "did without" all their lives, only to have their plane crash when they took their first vacation at age 70. Charles is telling us to buy more shoes on Ebay, and put less into our RRSPs.

3. You linked to Gawker, but didn't include this post. For Shame!…
I think they got it about right; they saw Charlse's troll, took a look at it, and dismissed him as a crank. I think that pretty much sums up how most people read a Mudede post. The one thing they got wrong was the PLU hate.
I like the way he rapes words and molests sentences so he can ravage the language with perverted thoughts.
Pfft, Gawker. If you really want some spectacular wank, go troll Jezebel.
@2: I think the problem a lot of people had with that post was how Charles labeled all of the people robbed by the investment banker as the over planners you refer to, when they were most likely just regular folk that many of us identify with. He seems to think using an investment banker is some usual thing done only by the money obsessed as opposed to it being just one thing folks do along with all the other mundane tasks of life.

But, after reading that post about pregnant women, I think he just totally batshit crazy.
it's weird--i often think charles is making absolutely no sense, but that gawker post pissed me off like none other. he might be crazy, but he's our crazy. fuck off, national media criticizing stranger writers
It'll probably just make him cackle, but I set up an RSS feed that scrapes the Slog and filters out all the Charles Mudede posts, and life's never been better.
They also forgot a nod to Cobain and Grunge.

I've always assumed that Charles' posts were subtle jokes against the reader. "Hey, you, hope you're not taking life too seriously there, try this idea on your mind grapes." Which means, in my mind, Gawker fell for it.
gawker is SO bourgeois. back to my waterbrained life.
don't bother charles you can't win. gawker is bigger and smarter.

you're still my fav
After reading all his crazy ass posts, I'm liking Charles more and more...
I'd say 'fuck Gawker,' but really, who'd want to?
The only one that gets my dander up is the brother running over sister story (#1). I think Charles tries to be provocative, just to razz the (in his opinion) fat, lazy, odious, ignorant bourgeoisie, but that post was just over the line.

As one of the most self centered, narcicistic (seeming, anyway) people I'm aware of, I'm sure this whole post and thread tickles him pink (get it? pink!). I think a lot of his opinions have got to be attention getting devices. They can't be real. Right? Right?
I've said it before and I'll say it again... Charles' posts seem to hover between misunderstood brilliance and raving lunacy. It's a very, very fine line.
The Stranger and staff are the Sally Fields of 'journalism' apparently, showing off their insecurities to the whole world with this follow up post. Stuck in Podunk writing for low wages at a masturbatory alt-weekly wishing they could get a job in NYC.

"you like me? You really like me"

Or in the Stranger's case, 'You noticed us?"

BTW Charles Mugabe Mudede's original post was ALL ABOUT RACE, something he admitted in the threads. If these people had been black, he would have been screaming 'theft'. As it is, they were white, so only get his derision.  Apparently planning for the future is only something dumb honkies do. Apparently this is how Mudede/Mugabe likes to ridicule white people, by making fun of how sensible we are by planning; I mean Charles, that really hurts.
You forgot the infamous "cumbucket" post when that quarterback's girlfriend shot him.
It isn't Richard Lawson's LOLiest post for sure, but he most definitely gets a free lifetime pass for his long history of ther best television recaps ever written.

The comments and his befuddled reaction to it are meta amusing if only as a reminder that not everyone has had ample time to build up a tolerance for the infamous Mudede madness as a fact of daily Internet life.
Why would anyone want to be one Gawker!?!? Maybe I'm extra cranky today but they steal people's stories and their lovely partner site acquires companies prototypes and then uses them as leverage aganist the very company they stole it from to get better seats at the next convention. Then there's Jezebel, the site where you can forget all the misogynistic things you read on Gawker because with Jezebel they have your back ladies. Especially when it comes to fighting The Daily Show.

Fuck them. I can't believe a journalist would be anything but ashamed to be on their site. They are professional trolls. They write and publish the most ridiculous things to get page views. They are ruining journalism because they are combining mass media with public media.
Sui generis, baby. Viva Mudede.
@21 Those two could almost be combined. At least with FleshBot, you're prepared for the fuckery.
His defense of child prostitution as an imaginary problem doesn't even make the list?

He's not even funny anymore. Activating my Mudede filter today. (h/t seandr)
@14: I totally agree with you that he is posting just to be provocative. It's obvious that he feels far superior to us average Americans with our obviously small minds while he, the great Charles, having been raised in the wealthy and powerful Mudede family, can see so much more deeply.
He's an arrogant, self centered, classist, spoiled brat who has delusions of his own self importance. He likes to appear to care for the underprivileged, but in truth he looks down upon them too.
you know, i always wished that Slog commenters had driven Mudede off intstead of ECB.
The Charles quotes you pulled out are funny, I get them. But I skip all of Charles's posts because you just have to wade through too much pompous, predictable dreck to get to the good stuff. I like intelligent writing as much as anybody but you can kind of mad-lib his posts and that's just boring. Dan's getting that way too lately.

It's sad, because if the quotes you pulled were truly representative he'd be my favorite.
As the child looked at the emperor’s new clothes and said, “the emperor is naked” I must say that Mudede’s posts are rambling nonsense with no deeper meaning.
#7 is right. He's OUR asshole! Same with Lindy getting dissed on her Gibson article last month. We can make fun of them all we want, but if others do so, we must defend them!
How bizarre. The very people who (rightly) skewer Mudede for his off-the-wall posts get all defensive when some New York "outsiders" do the same. How provincial of us.
I *heart* Charles Mudede. In a completely platonic way, of course.

I disagree with him more often than not.

I don't understand him more often than not.

But he makes me think more than any other Stranger writer. And a flash of brilliance occasionally bursts forth from the insanity.

Never stop, Charles. And never apologize.
I love Mudede. He has a unique, intelligent perspective. You can read it as off base, or just an interesting, beyond the normal take on the world. Embracing unique visions is exactly what The Stranger should be doing, and I wish there was more of it. Gawker's name describes them perfectly - .

As Dylan famously put it "you try so hard/ but you don't understand/...something is happening here/But you don't know what it is/Do you, Mister..." Lawson
What @32 said. Mudede forever.
PS - Gawker - An awkward, loutish person; an oaf. intr.v. gawked, gawk·ing, gawks. To stare or gape stupidly.
Mudede: boring.
Critique of Mudede: boring.
Outrage at critique of Mudede: boring.
Defense of Mudede: boring.
Outrage at defense of Mudede: boring.
Are you seeing a pattern here, or is it just me?
I do dislike that they called him a "blogger". Yes, he writes for Slog, but he also WRITES for the Stranger, and that is one of his jobs.

Re: male crying. I just finished Crumb's Genesis, and holy cow but Joseph cries a lot. One of the big bad Hebrew patriarchs just cold busts out his weepfactory. I don't know if that proves or disproves M. Chas. Mudede's point, but it sure does happen.
I think Charles is pretty awesome. I always read his posts - he is a very provocative writer and he gives me a lot to think about or he makes me laugh out loud with his wit and audacity.
"Are we in Seattle or some really, really dark Edith Wharton novel?"

ah yes, the question I ask myself every day. This gawker post was HILARIOUS. viva mudede!
@30- Exactly.
In my normal day to day life, I sometimes hear Mudede's voice in my head. It mostly happens when I see something strange. I am fine with that.
"Cutesy raintown Seattle"??? That may be the dumbest fucking phrase I've ever read on the internet. Gawker can eat my poo. @7 ftw!
Where have all the Sloggers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the Sloggers gone?
Not so long ago
Where have all the Sloggers gone?
Gone to other blogs every one
When will The Stranger ever learn?
When will they ever learn?
I luh you chuck and i luh you even moar, lindy.
Did you read the comments on the story? Some of them were pretty good. My favorite was this caption under a picture of horses:

"We'll see whose crying about their money when we ream you out over those missing royalties, Mudede."

The difference between charles and tea party/fred phelps/republican machines/glenn beck is that all the crazy one sided bullshit that he says is done with poetry.

All are saying something that infuriates people, doesn't tell the whole story and doesn't further progress, but Charles isn't shoving it down your throat and doesn't care if you listen, So he is classy and poetic.

All that said he is a douchebag for what he did to the Seattle Central paper like 7 years ago.
Good lord. He TEACHES?
You forgot the one where he mocked a mother's claim that her school-age son's suicide was a result of bullying because he doesn't think it's a big deal, and then steadfastly refused to apologise. It's not too late, Charles.
I want to root for you guys, Lindy, I really do, but Charles Mudede?

I assume there must be something redeeming about him from the way you all love him at the Stranger, but from here he just seems like a weird hybrid of douche bag and gas bag.
@47: Exactly.

He's just trying to make a name for himself by being an asshole. After all, there are plenty of talk radio people doing the same thing.
If Charles spent more time actually making valid, thoughtful points, maybe I'd have respect for him. This 'he's provocative and brilliantly insane' bullshit doesn't impress me.
You also the forgot the one where he claimed his daughter was a victim of racism, never allowed the teacher to respond to the charges, then dropped the whole story and ran as far from his stinking pile of race baiting shit as he could.

If he hates white people so much, why dd he marry one?
Sure, when you put his greatest hits together like this I actually love Charles. These are some hilarious one-liners.
@53: A better question would be, why did she marry him?

If he just wants to bait people for his own amusement, that's one thing, but he has actually hurt some people along the way.
The comments on Mr. Mudede's posts are way better than the posts themselves. He generates comments and website hits which equates to advertising revenue. Pure capitalism keeps this commie around.
Please! More Mudede! He should have a 24 hour hotline. He is frequently the only author worth reading in the Stranger.
I'm a big Charles fan. I love his writing--especially his features in the stranger. I find his ideas refreshing--even when I don't agree with them. Everybody else can keep on playing it safe.
@1: Yes
Canuck, you have become one of my very favourite commenters. Thank you!

@15: Yep

@32: Exactly this.
"...he makes me think more than any other Stranger writer."

Yeah, and Moe was the smartest of the Three Stooges. Ain't exactly high praise.
if someone chucked a handful of poop at a line of stranger writers Charles would be the last one I would consider diving across the room & taking poo-in-the-face for. Just sayin'
@62, Is there any Stranger writer for whom you would take a steamer in the face?
@62, you are even more obtuse and confusing than charles mudede
that's a pretty good list Lindy, but any rundown of Charles' greatest misses is soooo very incomplete without this charmer:…
@63, Circular reference error. That was for @61. I should hope nobody would be willing to receive a poo in the face to protect a Stranger writer, or most other people for that matter.
@63 ok, you want it in plain terms? Charles isn't on my fucking team & never will be
I think that Gawker tantrum was one of the biggest gifts to Herrn C. Mudede. (Or burdens, in his mind.)

I've always enjoyed Mudede's strange trails.
@59 I *heart* you too, Irena! (And good to know there is yet another slogger who appreciates any delicious man candy I dredge up from the depths of the internets... :)
I'm not a Mudede fan, generally, but he's right about the pregnant ladies.
He is totally NOT right about pregnant ladies! I mean, geez, the preggers women have bigger boobs! Now I know that a lotsa boyz like them jugs!
People still read Gawker?
"Viva Mudede" -- could someone make stickers? I want one!

I know, can you imagine?
@70: Damn right.
I wouldn't phuck a preggers chick with Mudede's dick.
My theory is that Charles Mudede and Will in Seattle are just the same person. Discuss.
@69 and @75: Hopefully you won't breed then. Because some pregger women have absolutely phenomenal orgasms and it would be a crime to deny them those orgasms.
My favorite Charles Mudede posts are the ones where I don't realize it's Mudede at first. Like, there will be an innocuous introduction, then a photo, then it takes a hard left turn into Mudedeville. I don't feel properly Mudede'd if I don't get that moment of "Hey, wait a minute ... MUDEDE!"
@78, I like to think you shake a tiny fist at the heavens at those moments while somewhere, far away, in his secret volcano lair, Chas Mudede rubs his hands together and cackles morosely. I'm not sure how exactly you cackle morosely, but that seems like one of those things they ought to teach you when and if you become a card carrying communist. Or Wobbly. Or whatever. MOROSE CACKLING.

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