Seems pretty sexist to me.
Of course you love the idea of a "no-boys-allowed night," you're a nutless mangina who feels it's his duty to coddle women's sense of self-entitlement.
By the way tonight is Lady's Night at Pony.
Are female comic fans that botheed by their male counterparts? All the ones I know aren't. In fact, they would kick your ass if you assumed other wise. Now, the rampant sexism in the actual industry. . . that is a whole mother thing. Im glad you post these paul. Its a good reminder of how different we geeks are and how I hope to never become as jaded and pissy as you.
Time to bust out the wig!
I'm a dude* and I don't think this is a terrible idea. Evidently someone at comics dungeon thought this was necessary**; possibly as a lure to get women who like reading comics but find the whole scene intimidating***.

*though I guess only a casual comics fan.
**or saw a market.
***not implying that all women do, or that the scene is horrible and sexist.
i feel like . . . we female comix fans aren't really that wily and elusive, here in the year 2010. fully half of my lady-friends consume comics, and a bunch of them draw comics as well. gasp.

yeah, don't know how empowering this is. it's very close to hosting a regular-word-book-without-pictures event with no boys allowed. but thanks?
Actually, Chris (a guy on staff) noticed they had a lot of female customers, plus they have at least one chick on staff, so he suggested they do a ladies night. Glad to see it getting some attention - they're an awesome store!
Ladies Beware: This sounds like a trap.
As a lady who is marginally interested in comics, but not at all interested in some of the experiences I've had in comics stores (my eyes are up here -- though yes, there's writing on my t-shirt, it says BAND NAME and does not take that long to read), I think this is terrific.

Maybe it'll draw in a few of those of us on the fence, who will then find the scene is not of necessity as annoying as it definitely has the potential to be.
Yeah, I stopped hanging out with nerds and geeks because I was tired of being dehumanized. There's no reason *not* to have a ladies' night.
This is awesome. Being a woman in nerd-town can be exhausting. It's nice to have a safe place to talk and meet now and then.

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