Is this saying mandatory for apartments and condos but NOT for single family homes? Is that legal?
I'm totally down for this, as a feeble apartment-dweller.

Although it's annoying enough to fit two garbage bins in my small apartment.
I wonder how many people will dump plastic-wrapped dog/cat poo in the compost bins?
@3: Almost all of them. Everytime I walk by a bus stop, I see the trash cans with the obvious signs saying they're not for pet poop. And every one has pet poop in it.
and just who is this mysterious council member "tim o'brien" ?
They made it mandatory here, giving us these doll-sized green bins for composting, in your apartment, but probably on your back deck or outdoor hallway since it's gonna stink. They're just small enough for a rat to get into.

Like our recycling program, it's well intentioned, but badly executed—and counterproductive—to a city like San Francisco. If we had a large bin like Seattle's yard waste ones, that'd work better.
Let's all just toss our compostables in the Chihulhy exhibit, since it will be mostly empty and we have to do something with those empty glass vases.
@4 How can you tell it's pet poop? I assume it's bagged bum dung.
We live in a small building of 10 units. We have a yard waste/food waste bin and it seems to work out pretty well.
@4: Dog poop doesn't smell the same as bum poop. And since I used to work basically underneath the Viaduct, sadly, I can tell the difference.
Basically, diet. Cats and dogs eat way more meat.
I do not want fewer pick ups, I want more of them! If we have trash pick up every other week, then the dustbin will overflow and trash will be in the carport (no the manager won't pick it up).

In fact, that's what happens w/recycling now; that's every other week, and the bin is stuffed w/i a day or two. So people put recyclables into the garbage. We need recycling pickup at least once a week.

We have a compost pick up, but nobody uses it much. People passing by dump their trash in that one too.
Vexatious taxation is sinking the Rotton Urbs.

The Countryside rises!
@13 i think you mean the suburbs. The cities would be doing fine if we didn't have to pay for the inefficient other parts of the state.
@1- yard waste collection is currently required for seattle single-family homes. This would make that rule more fair. I just conracted the food/yard for a pike st. Building. The tenants kept asking, so we ordered a bin. It's only like 7 bucks a month.
My apartment in Fremont has a big compost/yard waste container. It doesn't seem to get that much use, but it's there...
My building doesn't even have a recycle bin.
I've been asking my landlord for a food/yard waste bin since I moved in. I'd love it if he was a little more motivated. Right now I just find the nearest building with a bin to deposit my compost :P

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