There's been some new research that indicates opiods might sensitize people to pain, which might partially explain why people with chronic pain tend to increase the dosage over time. That, and the minor little detail that opiods are a hell of a lot more physically addictive than marijuana. I'd love to see people with chronic pain have access to medication that won't destroy their lives like opiods can.
Not knowing what GM Nameplate was, I went to their website which states (emphasis mine):

"One of GM Nameplate's greatest strengths is its ability to provide IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD service while giving you access to GLOBAL manufacturing solutions. We are one of the only manufacturers in our industry that can provide seamless transfer of US-manufactured prototypes to a company-owned offshore production facility. What does that mean for you? A+ service in your time zone, consistent quality regardless of manufacturing location and economical solutions to your design challenges."

Is this the "job creation" that Rossi was speaking of? Outsourcing manufacturing to China?
I'm done with even trying to sound intelligent when criticizing Rossi.

What a complete and total douche.
hot shitgrin rossi
Rats eat Cheetos?
he's not even going to beat Clit Diddler.
Comrade Rossi hates our Freedoms.

And he wants the government in your home and in your lives, like all Socialists and Communists in the GOP want.

He even wants you to present papers at checkpoints in this state. That would make the East Germans and his Russian friends happy.
Politicians who blast basic research in an attempt to pander to their supports, and who criticize it without stating anything more than the title of the study in question, are fucking trolls.
Rossi was just going for the cheap laugh anyway. Apparently he's getting his campaign trail talking points from rejected Jay Leno one-liners, circa 1994.
Rossi apparently spent the time between losing the Governor's race and running for Senate attending the Joe Biden School of Gaffes.
Just to clarify, GM Nameplate does not "outsource" it's work to China. GM Nameplate's largest manufacturing facility is right in Seattle and it's growing beyond all other facilities we have. The only thing that we do in China goes into products for our customers that are produced in China. We have 5 US plants, 1 China plant, 1 Singapore plant and, 1 Canada plant. We employ 600 people in the US and another 400 people between China, Singapore and Canada. Come on in, I'd be glad to give you a tour...
Thanks, Brad
Bradley H. Root
President, Washington Division
GM Nameplate, Inc.

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