The rumor doesn't seem very true. DigiTimes is reporting it's an OLED display. Apple has been pretty adamant that their IPS screens are better than OLED. Plus, there have been OLED shortages (basically LG and Samsung are using all the ones they can make so there are none for anyone else). A more likely scenario is a higher resolution screen on the same size device.
That kind of screen resolution isn't just great for text. It's great for photos and video too.
The demo page on make it look like all cell phone display with jagged blocky pixelated images, which I dont notice with my 2 year old G1 phone. Its a nice display, but its basically resolving a problem that doesn't exist on most modern phones.
You'll love the next one, it's going to be 3D.

(cue Fnarf denying reality in 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 ....)
Will, any image on any screen can be 3D if whoever produced it gave the image the 3D treatment and you wear 3D glasses. Same for video. There is nothing that needs to be changed to do this right now on any smart phone that can display images or video.
@Reverse Polarity

That's not necessarily true. To show a 3D image you need to show a left and right frame consecutively and switch between them fast enough. For video, they eye sees 60 frames per second. For film it's 24 frames per second. When you move to 3D you need to double your frame rate. So 3D movies need to refresh at 48FPS, and for 3D video they need to do 120FPS. If the display can't refresh that fast, you will have problems. Also, the display has to be able to understand the information coming at the new frame rates. Since 48FPS and 120FPS were never specified as video formats, no display will accept them. You could fool the display by sending a 60FPS format to the display, however you are either going to have to drop frames or double frames making the video slightly jumpy.
@6, that's how modern TVs work, but the old red-and-green method still works, at the standard frame rate. Technically; I doubt we'll see that method on any handhelds anytime soon.

It doesn't matter, though; I'm not interested in 3D. I AM interested in a portable wireless (not wi-fi) multipurpose internet device that fits in a coat pocket, though.

Droid Incredible? Droid X? EVO 4G? Epic 4G? Dell Streak? iPhone 4? Those all are portable, wireless, and fit in a coat pocket.
@8, and they all cost an arm and a leg because you have to pay for phone service. I don't want to pay for phone service. But yeah, a 4G phone without the phone part is exactly what I want.
Guess nobody here has played with a Nintendo 3DO.

Yeah, no glasses. None.

But, keep living in the past ... meanwhile, I'll be enjoying the tech.

You can buy the Dell Streak without a contract (though you still have to buy service through at&t but you don't have to sign a contract). It's still possible to buy a Nexus One unlocked (that's what I have).

But my question is, do you not have a phone? Are you not paying for a phone now? If you have one, just stop paying for it and put your service on the new phone.
I hope it's true that they're making the displays much better, because I tried to read a book on iPad and my eyes said no.

Just turning off the backlight isn't going to be enough to make a good color display that's visible in sunlight; they'd need to do some specific engineering for this, I think. Also, it probably won't quite reach the power performance of electrophoretic displays because the liquid crystals need an electric field applied almost constantly to continue displaying the page (one of the tradeoffs for that nice refresh rate). Obviously, OLED displays wouldn't be able to do that at all, though I doubt they'd use an OLED display. If you want to read mostly white on black text, OLED sounds like a terrible choice for an ereader (because of power consumption).
Sorry, meant to say "black text on white background" up in #12.
@Will in Seattle

Do you mean a Nintendo 3DS? It doesn't launch for almost a year, and I wasn't at E3, so I haven't touched one. I did have a Panasonic 3DO back in the day though.
1. No one in their right mind uses an iPad for gaming

2. There's no such thing as a Nintendo 3DO, the 3DO was made by Philips
@11, I do not have a phone. When I did, I bought a hundred dollars worth of pay-as-you-go minutes (because they didn't expire for a year and a half. By that time I had used maybe 20 of them. See why I don't want to pay for voice?

In my perfect dream world I would never have to make or receive another telephone call as long as I live.

Buying service from AT&T, contract or no, is MUCH MUCH more expensive than that. That unlocked Nexus won't give me unlimited data with zero phone either.

What I want is to pay $30 a month for DATA ONLY. That's the iPad. No phone will do that; nobody offers data-only plans for anywhere near that, unless I've missed it in my fairly extensive search.

Will is of course absolutely correct: no one here, including him, has ever played with a Nintendo "3DO" (or 3DS, for that matter). I do, however, have a photograph of Will playing with a Nintendo DS:…

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