That is so cool.
Not much of an art person, but oh my god does the proliferation of native art all over everything white people buy desperately need to be noted. As Josh Bomb would say: THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS.
I particularly like the traffic light cum totem pole piece.
Sorry. Bluebird is a day time retreat for squares.

Stop trying to convince the other side that they should come take a look. Stop and think. Separate your wallet from your art. Get real, get over yourselves, keep capitol hill dirty and wallow in the filth instead of trying to sweep it under an ikea rug.
super freshy... nice to see some innovators
bluebird has stumptown espresso flavored ice cream. ain't nothin' square about that, @5
@5--Bluebird makes beer floats. 'Nuff said.
possibly offensive?
link to artist statement would be appreciated.
he better be a Native or this is a hate crime. that i enjoy.
Can't find info on the artist. Creative, I suppose, and it's art, for sure, but whether he's Native or not, I see this as hella tacky on a few levels.
I love it!
rather than saying 'tribal' designs i would suggest saying 'northwest coast art' designs
Saaw these Sunday and I loved them. I'm pretty fond of the airplane and the gun. The traffic light is really sweet.

Also sweet: Bluebird's chocolate pudding ice cream. Geezohpete it's good...
@11 I think that's sort of the point?
love it. wanty.
love it. wanty.
@16, what do you mean? The artist uses native american art symbols to make images of vacuum cleaners, guns, traffic lights to show...that native american art is tacky? Is that it? My guess, and hopefully i am wrong, is that the artist simply wanted to use this ancient design vocabulary to make "cool" pictures. For conscientious work that investigates the role of native american art in contemporary culture don't go to an ice cream shop, go find the work of Brian Jungen or James Luna.
What, no mention that Bluebird is a delicious ice cream shop, because it doesn't make kiddie poop cream like that ridiculously expensive bland hipster franchise down the street and in Wallingford?
I agree with 19 that one should not look for conscientious art work in an ice cream shop, but I'm not an artist or one who seeks out art, so I like the rotating selection of varied art that Bluebird is kind enough to display. Plus they have games there, serve beer and sandwiches, and it isn't a pretentious, showy, expensive hipster suburb-magnet (yes, both hipsters and yuppies love Molly Moons).
Wow, you guys. This thread is kinda interesting.
I have the traffic light totem pole, the space needle, and the seagull. I want the vacuum cleaner, the sparrow, the beaver and TV. The crow and squirrel series is also great
just did a little interweb sleuthing and found that he is indeed white... not native. in his description of his appropriative art that is hanging currently at Victrola on 15th he refers to Native Americans as being "stoic." Another white man to further the genocide of Native peoples.

for further reading on cultural appropriation you should check out this blog!…

you can appreciate w/o appropriating! buy from Native Americans/First Nations only.

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