Alleged Mom-Abuser Makes Last Stand in QFC


Gillian, Jesse, other Stranger editors, if you're reading this, please make a style guide for the interns to follow, and make an entry in which 'allusion' is differentiated from 'elusion', 'elision', 'illusion,' and 'evasion.' Knowing the differences is apparently too much to expect from an American public school graduate.
@1: Harsh, Tai.
if you pull it, you better use it. what did this asshat think would happen?
I mourn for the guys mom. No mother deserves a son who abuses her, but the loss she must still be feeling at this is equally terrible.
Pulling a gun on cops is never a smart move. Dude signed his own death warrant.
You don't have to put out the red light.

^^^^ actual police allusion

Yes, I know it's already been fixed. I'm just saying.
holy shite that's my QFC. i bet i've seen the guy. sounds like suicide by cop.
the fight never entered public areas
This particular store is only about 1/4 the size of a typical grocery, so the fact that this scene went down anywhere inside the building when customers were present is pretty alarming.

I'd be curious to know why the police thought is was necessary to go after this guy inside a public business during regular operating hours. It must have occurred to someone that a dude who just choked his own mother might not be willing to go quietly. And there's no way he habitually carried a gun without someone knowing about it. I can only guess that the police were worried he might go on a rampage if they didn't apprehend him immediately.
It was an unfortunate suicide, he was asked to leave his mothers residence that night and had nowhere to live. He is missed and was loved. It was the final desperate act in a series of frustrations and disapointments in his life over the past few years.