I hope you stole that.
I like the festive garland.
I counted 11 Diddle-me signs along I-82 from the Oregon line to I-90/Seattle this afternoon. Did you steal one of those, or did you take the obnoxious one in Shoreline along Aurora?
Didier did better than expected - also, according to polls, between 7 and 9 percent of Didier voters would rather vote for Murray than Comrade Rossi, and between 11 and 16 percent will just not vote or write in a protest vote instead of letting Three Strikes And You're In Idaho Dino Rossi get their vote.

That said, the lower turnout in Seattle is what happens when you try to force us to build a Tunnel we don't want and make us pay for it. Kill that and Dem turnout will skyrocket - don't kill it and it's going to be a nailbiter on election night.
does the R stand for rejected? palin has a magic touch, doesn't she?

oh wait, the R must stand for retarded. now it all makes sense.
Jesus Christ, Will. I can see why Fnarf thinks you've lost your mind. Whatever drugs you're on, you probably shouldn't post while your taking them.
6: so you're not on drugs but you can't get a contraction of "you are" right?

LOL ok.
@4: i'm with 6 this time, will. your logic is not logic.
@7: Buuuuurrrrrrrn. You got him, boy!
clit diddler! for something!
I thought this was two move on style primary, no? So 3rd place might have got you on the podium in Vancouver....but he's toast, no?

See ya Tea Party fuck wad. "I'm against government subsidies, unless my farm gets them..."*sigh*

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