Cue the Epic Bum fight!

Maybe they could put a big chain link fense around the camp and sell tickets to come watch McGinn cure laziness?
Good assortment of people! First item of business will perhaps be to teach everyone that the problem is "homelessness" not "homeless" (the state of being, not the people)
After they cure the homeless, will Mayor McSuperman end gravity as well? It's a real pain on the ass too.
"First item of business will perhaps be to teach everyone that the problem is "homelessness" not "homeless" (the state of being, not the people)"

Absolutely! In fact, form a committee for proper hobo semantics. Before we can cure the homeless we must cure improper verbage!
Onward with the Seattle Process!!!

Will this be called "The Committee to End the Committee to End Homelessness"?
How about 'The Committee to End the Improper use of Hobo Semantics'?

Does anyone second my motion?
The phrase "homeless review panel" makes me imagine three C-List movie stars reviewing the antics of homeless addicts.

"That was the worst job of pissing yourself I've seen all week. Back home with you!"
Think of the "homeless review panel" as Americas Got Talent fir hobos, but all the acts suck.
@6, no, we will need another committee to actually call any other committee that. But first we should have 5 town hall meetings so we can get the publics feelings about having a committee set up to study the parameters of the committee to study the committee to end the committee to end homelessness.

Though before going forward we should do have another committee set up to study the schematics of the 5 town hall meetings.
Where is Dorsal Plants on this list?! He ran his entire City Council campaign on the Homeless issue, and McGinn specifically called him out as someone he'd want advising his office on this issue.
Ending homelessness is great, but what about the chronic inebriates who aren't looking for housing and resist any attempt at treatment? What about the mentally ill living on the street? What about the car campers? What about the "free spirit" vagabonds?
@11, publicola's arranged for Dorsol to cover for the vacationing Dan Bertolet, so he may write about it.
There's a homeless encampment at the Aurora and 45th crossing at the 358 bus shelter.

Inaction breeds more homeless.
Left off your list was Alison Eisinger, ED of Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness. Tom Tierny isn't an advocate; he's the ED of a federal housing agency.

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