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this is GREAT. i will have to confirm each of these points before i ever get gay-married, just to make sure i'm not actually marrying someone who follows the heterosexual lifestyle
I don't see why you guys have to out a perfectly respectable man who wants to hide his inner heterosexuality, so long as he's GGG.
It's interesting to see all the indignant comments and how the jump all over the author of the article, they love to demonize and ridicule others but when lighthearted fun (most of which has some hint of truth to it) is had concerning their sacred cow, it suddenly becomes unacceptable to them and somehow an attack to their ideology. For all his faults and irreverence, that's one thing that can't be said about dan, he pushes for his ideology on the political arena, true, but for whats worth he doesn't become blind with aggression to the point that it hinders his humor and doesn't allow him to have a good laugh.
Gosh, I think my husband might be secretly straight. He doesn't wear speedos, doesn't run around shirtless, doesn't wear tight clothing, doesn't hide his web use or his text messages from me, and has a lot of female friends.

And to think, he led me on by going all the way to Canada to gay marry me.

Has anybody checked the weather report today? I know we are entering a cool down period, but has Hell actually frozen over?? 'Cause I think I see a complement in Loveschild's comment, albeit a backhanded, burred down deep one, prefaced by a giant load of BS.
Well, we might see low 60s temps here ...
I am utterly amazed at how much work some people put into satire...what's the ultimate payoff? Not that I don't find this funny, but still...I'm just amazed...

I mean, I like to snark too, but where does all this smartassness eventually lead?
If he's already going to church, what miracles does she expect? Are they suggesting she get a divorce? Do they want her to kill him?
Nah, I don't think Terry is gay. I read a book about what kind of music he likes to listen to in the car and they seemed like very straight choices.
@7 stop hating America.
Christwire is satirical? You're sure, right?

I don't usually visit crazy-assed Christian websites, but this looks just like any of the multitude of real ones to which SLOG has linked over the years. Seriously, I cannot tell it from any of the genuine batshit-crazy ones.

I'm feeling incredibly dim right now.
Christwire is genius.
"a sudden interest in sodomy."

fucking awesome.
You dun goofed, Dan. By sending us to the article, you seem to have overloaded their servers. Will consequences ever be the same?
I laughed my ass of at #4, from the article:

"4) Overly fastidious about his appearance and the home -

Natural men have a certain amount of grit about them. They sweat and they smell. Homosexuals often abhor this sort of thing and will also be incredibly particular about the cleanliness of the home.

So are they basically saying that "real" men are kind of piggish?? I guess a straight guy that likes a clean home and has good hygiene just doesn't exist..

Hey now! I did my homework and for the most part, the internet jury is still out on whether it's actually satirical, or not. :)

I call Poe's Law!!
@16 - I dunno. I have been reading the comments (and responses by the author of the article) and it would appear he truly believes what he wrote to be fact.

Just my opinion, though.
OMG! My husfriend is a homo! ...oh wait, no, nevermind. He's not gay, he's from Europe.
POE, folks
20 has never confirmed whether they are satire but they deny it with a wink. I remember about a year or so ago one of their people posted an article on the Colbertnation messageboard that basically said Stephen was evil. You should have seen how the fans, and the fangirls in particular, decended on that with their panties all bunched up! LOL! I took a look at their website back then and it seemed pretty obvious that it was satire. Not necessarily good satire, but satire.
I discovered the site 2 weeks ago when a friend linked me to one of their older articles blaming the Golden Girls TV show for a generation of homosexuals. How on earth does anyone think this is serious? Seems like every link is bullet-pointed with a cartoon of a cross buried in the ground, its email address is "HolyMailBox" and instead of a thumbs up-or-down on reader comments, you select "praise" or "condemn." People are directed to these articles by outraged friends, and as soon as they see a cross their minds are immediately made up that this is how Christians think. They go to the site to be outraged, and leave having the stereotype of the lunatic
Christian hiding behind every shadow comfortably reinforced in their minds.
(And I hit submit before I was done...) But if you get the joke, you really will bust a gut. It's the funniest thing I've discovered since "Reno 911!"
OMG my wife is a gay man!
I saw this article the other day. I got halfway through before I remembered that Christwire is satirical. The line claiming "If men return from the gym tired, they're gay" was a bit of a give away.
Someone posted this on my wall acting aghast at how homophobic it was. I had to then link them to the kitten raping rabbit article a few scrolls below this one. Funny how some people just don't get it.
@10 - What?

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