Does it have a happy ending?
Quadrant means, essentially, a fourth of. Those aren't quadrants.
@2: I count nine. Nonants, then.

How boring! And I say that as a massage therapist.

@1 Oh please get a new joke! I've heard that one so many times. BORING! BORING!

Seriously, if you have a friend that is a massage therapist please knock off the jokes about jerking dudes off. We go to school for a year and most of us are very professional. We don't get paid enough to hear your lame ass jokes.
Looks like a new version of those old games where after you finish a stage, you're rewarded with a picture of a hot chick in a sexy pose (note the "zoom" option in the trailer).

I wasn't considering ever getting a Wii, and this does nothing to change that.

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