I see the slog is feeling very bold today
16 minutes of Glenn Beck? Are you TRYING to give your readers aneurysms? Just his piggy little face in the placeholder is giving me agita!
Glenn Beck holding a rally on the site of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech on the anniversary of that speech is like waving a Nazi flag next to a Holocaust museum or as Rush said about the "Ground Zero Mosque," this is like building a Hindu temple next to Pearl Harbor.
@3 - What does a Hindu temple have to do with Pearl Harbor? Unless I'm completely misinformed about the Japanese and Hindus and world history, Hindus had nothing to do with World War II.

Yeah, everyone knows it was the Germans who bombed Pearl Harbor.
@4, Who knows. Maybe Rush is privy to an esoteric sect of kamikazes who prayed to Durga during their missions?
What? Beck says "Liberation Theology" is not Christian? WTF?
What, you expect logic out of Rush?

And, yeah, Glen Beck is one seriously monumental asshole to do a teabagger rally on MLK's grave.
The Times story was made sublime by finding a now-lovely fellow to personalize it. Great photo, and it strikes me that it's been awhile since I've seen much good coverage on this, ahem.
Glenn Beck's percentage breakdown of where people get the idea that Obama is a Muslim is telling: The highest percentage is from TELEVISION. And with the majority of these people coming from the right, I can only wonder what television station they may be getting their information from.
god.. i want to fuck glenn beck up.. i mean really. god can you hear me ?.. can i fuck glenn beck up ?.. please ?..
The Go-Betweens? Really, Fnarf? Another rarely heard Aussie band. I much preferred the early Divinyls. Christina Amphlett was incredible performing
live, Only Lonely.
These rates are twice as high in men under the age of 30. And gay men who use meth are among the highest risk for contracting HIV."

So, just out of curiosity, is meth use higher among people who currently smoke pot, or have smoked pot in the past? Or, better yet, is HIV infection higher among people who smoke pot, or have smoked pot in the past?

Unless the gay men in question are shooting the speed, which is possible but extremely unlikely, the meth use itself has nothing to do with HIV infection. The fact that the Stranger keeps repeating this meme over and over again, while simultaneously going after everyone who suggests in any way that pot might be a "gateway drug" or that keeping it illegal is a terrible idea, makes you all sound like a bunch of hypocrites. Or idiots. It's really six of one half-dozen of the other.

Using meth is a bad idea for a wide variety of reasons. Look some of them up and talk about those, if you want to.
OK, what I want to know is did Rush really say "Hindu" and not "Shinto"? Does anyone have the clip? Seriously, if he really said Hindu, how the fuck has no one jumped all over this to show what a fucking idiot he is?
In fairness, Fnarf's musical tastes are notoriously awful.


What the fuck, over.

That song is not good, and the performance sucks too. And why is Rod Stewart singing it?
Er, in @9 I meant the story about the meth, I mean.
@13, you are a crabby pants, and splitting hairs to no good purpose.
@14, Yes he did in fact say "Hindu" several times. Here you go. This is from his August 16 show. Eventually some Fox consultant had to break the news to him and he issued a corrective statement that he meant "Shinto."…
The Go-Betweens are one of the ten best bands ever allowed to exist. Diss them at your peril (of being judged harshly by me).
Pfft, two people with no taste. Who would have thought?
Yeah, what David said. Except he misspelled "two" for some reason.

In my defense I was referring to the entire series as "best performance"; I linked to "Hammer the Hammer" simply because it's first. I think the peak of the show might have been "Two Steps, Step Out". Though of course "Cattle and Cane" is the best song.The real highlight of them all is seeing Lindy Morrison, my pick for best white rock drummer ever. The band is like a clockwork here, and the songs are unsurpassable.

Rod Stewart, pshaw.
@22, which band is the other of the two? Spill.
Rod Stewart, pshaw? Not when with Faces, although that was likely prior to anyone reading the Slog and a number of their parents were born.
I'm pretty sure Rod Stewart was a double agent for the Brits when they bombed Pearl Harbor.
@23, well, that depends on the day or even the hour. Usually it's the Lucksmiths, or Orange Juice, but today, it feels like The Orchids for some reason.

@24, I am well familiar with the Faces, and even the Small Faces. I'm sticking with "pshaw".
@24, I think you'd be surprised how many of us remember Faces.
"I have a dream." - Martin Luther King Jr.

"I am a nightmare." - Glenn Beck
I'm struggling to get through this Beck piece and I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY the FUCK it would matter _IF_ the President? Please, oh please, will someone tell me? Why the fuck would it matter? This hatemongering shitstain has just as much right to barf on TV as you and I do to blog or speak out in public, as much as anyone has the right to worship crosses or spaghetti monsters. Jesus on a fucking skateboard, I'm getting on angina too.
fergot to add "was a Muslim" in all of my furious typing... so what IF the President was a Muslim...
That is all.
If you want to choose the best live performance ever, at least choose a performance that doesn't like a really shitty imitation of Echo and the Bunnymen.
At @27 and @28

If you both remember Faces and/or Small Faces, I suspect you both either have one foot in the grave, or the babysitter played it over and over on the family turntable while your parents were out. You can keep the Go-Betweens, Fnarf. I'll stick to The Divinyls and Small Faces/Faces.
95 percent of soul bands put on better performances than Fnarf's pick.

I think he is getting confused with performance vs. 'Music Fnarf really likes that was performed live'.

Check this out- JB really gets cooking around the 1:55 mark, and is insane by 4:30.…

And this was on a show hosted by fucking Jan and Dean.

I wish somebody had a camera on the 'Hit the Road Stax' tour.
@32, the Go-Bes predate Echo (barely). @33, the grave, the beckoning grave.

More Go-Be evidence, less miraculous but with higher production values:………
The Go-Betweens are definitely one of my favorite bands. Sadly, they're no longer making records due to Grant McLennan's death in 2006. For those of you who are curious & have never heard them before, you could pick Bellavista Terrace, the best-of collection, but I'd recommend delving into their original releases. My personal faves are Tallulah & Liberty Belle & the Black Diamond Express. The 00's reunion era stuff is pretty good, a little more "polished", but listen to their early albums first.
Come to think of it, Before Hollywood is probably their best, it has "Cattle & Cane". Best. Song. Ever. Well, close. That whole record is solid.
Thanks for the recommendations. I've loved what I've heard of the Lucksmiths.
Best Go-Betweens song ever!…
Divinyls ftw.

My brother still has a ticket for one of their early shows he was showing my nieces at Xmas. Good times.
@39, you're a dead man. Woman. Now, come over here so I can hit you.
Sorry, fellas. Freddie Mercury makes all this jibber-jabber irrelevant in only 1:08.…
God fucking damn it.

I got six minutes into that Glenn Beck clip and I think I might spontaneously combust. If there is a just God, he will smite that smarmy motherfucker with the biggest marxist fascist islamist lightning bolt the world has ever seen. Preferably on Saturday.
Do not not "poke the bear in a cage" that is Fnarf's taste in musik!

You'll be sorry...
I guess I'm deaf because I like it better when singers sing in tune.
@43 - I consider the continuing existence of Glenn Beck as proof that there is no God.
@39 And to think I trusted you.
@47: I honestly don't know whether I'm proud or ashamed of that. Godawful song's been stuck in my head ever since I posted it.
I'll head over to the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday and see if I can't distract some Teabaggers. I'll wear my "protest" Burka.

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