Hate Registration: Beck University's Hope 103


Paul Constant, what is misspelled in the first title card?
oh nevermind "it's"
'it's' should be 'its', I believe, since the word 'it's' is a contraction of it is, and its is the possessive pronoun used to by a neutral subject to express ownership.
You totally should have a graduation party Paul. After sitting through all this malarkey you definitely deserve one.

Oh, and don't forget to add your new "degree" to your resume; prospective employers are always impressed by things like that.
I don't understand how cutting the minimum wage will help us reduce the deficit. If people are earning less money in wages, they pay less in taxes, so the government's pocketbook suffers. That doesn't make sense!
So it probably doesn't make sense.
Oh it's GOOD information that helps. All coming together now.
@5: Not to mention that illegals generally make less than the minimum wage already, since you know, they are working under the table.

Good Information helps.
jesus. fucking. christ.
The minimum wage suggestion has nothing to do with addressing the issue of illegal immigrant labor and everything to do with the Tea Party espousing a set of views that reads like a wish-list for Wal-Mart. Somehow the brilliant, wealthy minds behind this Tea "movement" have convinced a bunch of working class Americans that it's completely unfair for corporations to be expected to pay their employees a living wage, or provide health benefits, or pensions, or pay taxes that might go towards these things.

You have to admit that convincing working class people to stand in the street waving signs demanding that their employers have the right to pay them lower wages is an impressive PR achievement.
Is it wrong of me to hope that the rally ends with them pummeling one another with their badly-spelled placards?

"Simply remove the minimum wage,” and our illegal immigrant problem disappears.
He cannot seriously believe that. How could ANYONE believe that? Even for the most dim-witted, nut-job, teabagger, that statement is so grossly simplistic it's laughable.

It doesn't make sense. Therefore, it probably doesn't make sense.

How do you get through this? Do you feel dirty afterwards? How do you cleanse your brain of this stuff once you're done with class?

It's like taking a class on how do be a paranoid schizophrenic, and people are paying for it.
yeah this university misused "it's", should be "its". It's = "it is"
Hey, why stop at abolishing the minimum wage? Why not abolish child labor laws and eradicate public education! Think of all the money taxpayers could save by not hiring teachers and think of all the money businesses could save by paying 8-year olds ten-cents an hour. Heck, why even bother paying them, just give them a cot and a bowl of gruel. Goddamn it, it worked for Victorian England and they built an empire!
These people seriously want us to go back to the days of the Robber Barons. Fucking evil assholes and their moronic minions.