I think the RNC would love it if Michael Steele came out as Muslim today. It would finally give them the excuse they need to fire his ass.
I'm pretty sure he's a Black Russian.

Aren't they atheists or something?
That headline made my heart skip a beat. I was so damn excited. And then you go and ruin it for me.

. . . and Dude--Black Russian is not the appropriate nomenclature. Kahlua-American, please.
Let's stop printing this as an "alleged" crime. Everybody knows that fucking coward stabbed this man. No need for a benefit of the doubt.
they are just laying the groundwork for John Boehner to come out as Tangelo-American.
@5 In America we try to use the rule of law.
I wonder what they think is the religion of the majority of the people we are fighting for in Iraq. Our sons and daughters are over there fighting for the freedom/rights of Muslims.

Maybe if we stress that point to them, these damned wars would end sooner....
@4 damn. Every five to ten years it's a new phrase.

Good thing we Celtic Native Americans don't go around insisting on that.
@4: You win this thread.
A friend of mine once described a Black Russian as follows:
"Goes down like an Indo-Chinese prostitute."

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