You never need to apologize when it means I can watch Carol Channing committing some act of batshit insanity.
Sure. Let's just tax oxygen to pay for it!
Dom as usual you are a fucking moron.

Trying to equate public safety as a result of less road lanes is pathetically stupid. Adding congestion increases pollution, noise, and stress for the public. Fast efficient vehicular travel is what the majority of people want. Quit the tired tirade. Until you start proposing bicycle licenses with taxable vehicle tags, and have the bicycling public pay their fair share of bike lane building and/or transforming the current setup, please just go shut the fuck up and quit wasting more oxygen on this earth with your drivel.
@4 bus riders & walkers (who pay sales tax which pays for 2/3 of the road infrastructure) and I (since I pay my car related taxes & sales tax) are sick of paying for your vehicular infrastructure because you keep destroying it with you bicycle certainly isn't causing the pot holes, line deterioration & bridge cracks.
I don't think freight mobility on 125th is going to change much no matter what they do or don't do there. That's a friggin' lame argument.
Beeeeeeetteeer!!! Baaaaa! (How I love when Carol Channing turns into a sheep, and who knew this could be a symbolic prophecy of things that would happen 25 years later!)
@5 is correct. Put all roads projects up to a vote of the citizens and let us decide - you'll see way more bike paths funded and way fewer Billionaires Tunnels.

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