How can you even think of other shows, when Hellcats is premiering in like two weeks!?…
she's horrid.
She's pretty awful. Not just the bossiness and the self-regard, but the ass-kissing way she turned from "we're the best" to "you're right, we suck, I knew it all along" in the course of a minute and a half. But the most objectionable was the tone-deaf way they kept on and kept on and kept on shitting on poor Michael, when all the while the judges were complimenting him. Mean? Sure. Tone deaf? Absolutely. Which is a much worse offense.
who's the guy in the picture
Tim Gunn's post show smack down? Delicious!
Tim Gunn's post show smack down? Delicious!
...and you can bet she won't be kicked off until the very end--the producers love this kind contestant. Remember Wendy?
The Gunn went off.
She's perfect for the fashion world: a skinny self-interested ass-kisser.
I want to punch her in the junk.
A horrible twat-cunt, if ever there was one.
I want to claw her eyes out. No, then she could still talk.
You'all are still watching this? NO reality show is worth watching beyond the third season.

Her hands are HUGE. She should play double bass.
Gretchen does push her opinion aggressively, but if the other people need Tim Gunn to step in an tell them to be more assertive, that's more their problem than Gretchen's. She was right that the dude could have made a better shirt-dress – he deserved to go home. Both of those collections were absolute shite, though – not one good look in the whole episode.
The other contestants would have to be idiots to work with her again, much less put her in charge of anything. What happend to the whole, we all promise not to throw anyone under the bus?
Also, it was hilarious when the judges started (inevitably) ripping the losing team's unity apart. Their facial expressions alone would have made for a good silent film – in Michael Kors' language there are 28 sneers for "no." I really hate reality shows but with the exception of last season, Project Runway is always riveting.
Tim Gunn's comment at the end was one of the greatest moments ever on the show. The whole episode was great.
Agreed. She's a Mega-Bitch! I wanted to slap the lisp right out of her mouth.

God Bless Tim Gunn.
Who cares about her? I want a Michael Drummond and Christopher Collins porno. Or Christopher Collins and Tim Gunn.
GRETCHEN? Can we start with the NAME?

While I loathe the way she's portrayed on the show -- and she certainly gives plenty of ammunition for making everyone believe she's a horrible, puppy-kicking solipsist -- I've been the victim of selective editing in the past and I still give her the benefit of the doubt.

A couple years ago I was featured in the annual Chicago Magazine most-eligible-singles issue. In my interview I mentioned I'm a marathon runner, triathlete, writer, home renovator ... and I once appeared in drag in a show. Guess what? They cast me as the token reigning-drag-queen-of-Chicago faggot in my profile. No mention of athletics. No mention of power tools. Just heels and lipstick. 24/7.

Trust no editors. EVER.
That episode was INSANE and seemed very heavily produced. At several points the editing made it seem like "team luxe" wouldn't have had one finished garment if it wasn't for gretchen's organization. Then, the whole thing seemed to flip when they were reluctant to turn on each other.

I don't know much about fashion, but the winning collection looked more suitable for a pack of low rent streetwalkers than for the runway. Hideous after hideous.
Is it wrong that I kind of want to rigorously procreate Gretchen into two halves, from behind?
I liked her at first, thought she probably was one of the top. However, after she won two in a row I knew she was gonna get a big head. I didn't like her jump suit and didn't think she should have one the second time. Last night put her down a peg or two that's for sure. Loved Tim's little temper too - so cute. Yes, the others should have stood up and not let her lead them by the nose but she was too much. Tim felt he needed to point that out to them and he was right, they were blindly following her. The right guy went home tho', his shirt dress could have and should have been more his style but he neglected that. Plus that's all he made, when the others made multiple items.
I'll I have to say to her is... shhhhhhh, you're making it worse.
She is this season's designated Wendy Pepper, and I'm dead certain part of that is editing (and I'm betting there's a reason Casanova--the drama queen from hell but still not as totally unlikable or creepy as Vincent in Season 3--wasn't bounced in week one). Goodness, go back to the hour format and edit all the damn drama (and am I the only person who hates hearing the group process backstage after the runway show?).
Just watched a clip, she didn't seem so bad. I'm going with what @25 said, as I've had a similar experience—though the creative editing worked out pretty well, in my case. Also, that isn't a brag, it was some small-time stuff, and I just happen to fit their profile.

And what the crap, did Heidi Klum go all PPD on her hair?
She says she's from Portland, but she sure seems Seattle to me.
Agree with #18 - That was DEF the best episode of the season so far. And if next week's teaser pans out to be true, THAT episode will rock heavily as well.

God, I love Tim Gunn.
@27, you're insane. The drama is what makes it watchable.
She is the absolute worst, but hilariously so. She is seriously fucking crazy. How can someone be so clueless at reading people?

I love Valerie & April. Actually, this season is one of the most interesting, personality- wise. The last season that was this entertaining was the one with Santino.
Not only is she a conniving, manipulating bitch, but her designs are the same hipster fashions Seattle's been wearing for years. Hack.
Yeah. . . the first 14-15 times she's portrayed as a bee-och. . . maybe, just maybe it's editing. . . but yeesh, it just goes on and on with her.

Maybe she doesn't realize she saying those thing out loud?

I'm guessing when the producers paned over to show a tiara that said: "Bitch" on it last week, was the point where they decided they didn't have to edit anything anymore.

She's gold for them.

Looooved Tim's smackdown.

wtf was it with that belted janitors jump suit that the judges thought was good idea to put up on a billboard in Times Square?

And does MK eat anymore?

oh sooo many questions.
@31 Guess I am. I time shift it so I can see the challenge, the construction, Tim's critique (the ONE bright spot in the new format being that you get to see all of them instead of the six in the top and bottom group), the runway, & the judging. I really don't care about the backstage drama, and I like them all less because of it.
I've only seen the first two episodes and I gotta say- I am completely pissed so far. First of all- Gretchen won the first two in a row with two designs that I found boring, derivative, unflattering (the first destroyed the girls figure and the second gave the model fake saggy boobs) and overall forgettable. All this while genuinely good designs were either completely overlooked (that Asian guy) or skipped over (that little quirky dude or that adorable girl in episode 2). And the people they keep choosing to go home?? The idea that this show is jury-rigged for ratings has never been more obvious. Jason had by FAR the worst designs TWICE. Both times I was 100% certain he was out. Hell- even his personality is horrible! But no- they send home two people I wouldn't have even placed in the bottom three. I just don't know. This season is proving to be a complete waste of time.

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