Most people today want publicity not privacy.

They need a Lilo-afier to act as virtual press agent for each and every one.
Fuck no. I've been waiting for 'em. I'll be there on September 15th.
Ditto #2.

Forget the privacy thing. Facebook sucks AS SOFTWARE.

Seriously. How many clicks to get to an actual forum? Does anyone even use them?

Diaspora will succeed because as open-source software, it will allow users to build a better application.
I remember dipping a toe in Citizendium for a school project at some point. Man, did it ever take a lot of work to get unsubscribed from that mailing list.
Facebook has forums?
I saw a headline earlier today boasting that older people (in their 50s, 60s, & upwards) are coming to Facebook in droves now. That spells the end for the Facebook just as it did for MySpace. If it is not Diaspora, then it will be something else within the next year or two.
Diaspora will fail, and I'll be on board the failtrain as soon as it pulls out of the station.
@7 I'm going to 'poon that failwhale with my crossbow the moment it comes up for air.

In the name of SCIENCE.
" Ilya and Raphael are taking leave from NYU, and we will continue to develop and maintain Diaspora as a long term project."

Thank God for the trust fund, then.
Sadly, @7 is right. If you read their statement, what didn't they say?

"We built it. It works. We use it and enjoy it."

They mostly said "we worked with these great people, got donated food and training (and $170,000), and worked all summer. We'll dump the code in September, hope something comes of it."

I think the burden was way too big on these guys. But I don't doubt it'll fail. A social network is only as good as the friends you have on it, like switching an IM service.

(all that being said, I'll jump on whatever they have on September 15).
I just wish people would get over FB Places. So many of my otherwise savvy friends have fallen victim to the rumor that Places automatically tells people where you are without your knowledge. With the exception of your friends checking you in, this is not true and people are even giving out wrong info on how to disable it. I try to clear it up and they get pissed off at me. WTF, people?

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