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Unless America goes back to the "Buy stuff you don't need with money you don't have" model, I'd say that about 25% of Americans are now redundant.
Were the washer and dryer made in America?

And did you get the most energy efficient washer?

Cause both of these affect the US economy.
There he goes "outsourcing" again.
Invest in U.S. movies too, starting with "Judas Kiss," starring Brent Corrigan!
RE: that ad immediately below this post, what exactly is that JudasKiss event fundraising for? I clicked on the link, but there was no mention of any cause. Is it to pay for the filming? Cuz that would be really funny.
No picture?

I don't know, but the misspelling of "Charlie" is driving me fucking crazy.
And I traded in my sensible car for a new sporty 4 wheel drive SUV that gets terrible mileage. I named it "last gasp" because it was for my 60th birthday. If it gets too expensive to drive it will still look pretty in my driveway.
@5, it is to pay for things about the movie, yes. It's a shoestring. My belief is that in a just world, Brent Corrigan would be a super-millionaire by now.

However, in the meantime he has to do what he can. Which does not excuse that headshot. I mock it, not the man.
The headshot shows exactly the same pose that Veronica Lake was famous for. Is that such a bad thing? True, he doesn't have her fabulous hair.
What Number 2 said. If it wasn't made in the United States, you're only helping the economy in Mexico or China.
Can I also have a house husband? Please?
Fnarf, it's just weird - comically overshopped and em-bland-ened. He's great-looking and an icon, especially to really young gay kids (my nephew and his friends are agog that he's going to be in town), and deserves better.

Veronica Lake headshots are a perfect example of how true glamorizing enhances character, not removes it.
@12, when you make the kind of money Dan does, I'm sure you'll have people queuing up for the position.
I love fresh washed clothes. It's such a chore when you don't own machines. Clean sheets and towels are life's little pleasures. Then there's the times you have an emergency and get something all over the bed and you just roll them up and pop them in. Lucky!
Gus, you do realize all your Brent Corrigan links are for the Timothy Heidecker pic, right? Or am I too uncaffeinated today to get the joke?
Well, all of us poors now have a fitting pick-me-up song, anyway.

The poor man's anthem!
rob!, I'm probably too caffeinated today to do the joke properly, is all. (The second I saw the Corrigan ad photo I flashed on Heidecker, specifically as Jan Skylar in her teevee anchor makeup, but the one I used came close.)
You could help the economy ever more by hiring people to hand-wash you laundry! ;)
@18, ah, thanks.

@19, plenty of vacant stones at my local riverbank. This could be especially helpful for rural economies within a day's oxcart-travel from big cities and suburbs (which, sadly, rules me out).
Do we MAKE washers/dryers in the US anymore?
@17 and one that expresses our best job prospect these days.…
Does the U.S. even make any washers/dryers anymore?
"The boyfriend" went out? I am surprised at the terminology. Isn't he more than a "boyfriend?" I thought you were partners and he could be called more than a boyfriend.
@12 I like you less with each post, confluence. And for you and others in the past who've made fun of stay-home parents, equating them with part-time maids and part-time dilettantes, I'd say: Good luck finding someone who cares enough about you to be a "house husband."
@24, I was also surprised at the terminology, but not for the word 'boyfriend'. Why say 'the boyfriend'? It's like all those creeps who refer to their wives as 'the wife'. Like they want to be disassociated from her. It's a form of denial, and always makes the one who uses it look bad. If he's your boyfriend/husband/fiance you should say 'my boyfriend/husband/fiance'. And say it with pride, not disdain.

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