you should have baked some electrolytes in there
That's pretty awesome and I'd love to try baking it.
Marry me.
I ask you, Megan: when are you going to open up your own shop? I'm starting to see a plethora of new food carts & trucks across the city & would love to see you make the leap and bring us inventive baked goods for us to buy. Do it!!
Yeah, Megan. I'm pretty impressed, sister girl.

Only caveat I see at serving this is to give a bit of warning about the semi-liquid center so that the lucky person enjoying it doesn't have to wear it.

I loves me some dark chocolate, and I really loves me some cherry pie, but my favorite part of this cupcake might very well be the vanilla bean butter cream. Can I get an amen?
Did you buy the tiny cherry pies, or make them? I would like to make this, and then to eat this.
That looks amazing.
Looks like the vagina of a Rancor.
Post the recipe!
I once baked mini pumpkin pies into chocolate cupcakes and topped them with nutmeg cream cheese frosting. They were fucking good.

Yea for mixing and matching!
omg, you solved the cake/pie problem!
Must. Have. recipe.

(I love you Megan Seling)
I think I'm gaining weight just staring a this picture.

No, wait, I'm losing weight - in the form of drool.
I would have expected that keeping the pie crust in tact would be problematic, but bravo Megan!
Where the hell does one buy cherry pies that small? That's not a sliced up McDonald's cherry pie, is it? I can't imagine it's Hostess... blechhh.
Dark chocolate is terrible.

@18 Completely agree! Dark chocolate in bar form is just wrong. Dark chocolate baked into something really decadent is okay, as long as it is accompanied by plenty of sugar and cream. Do you guys get those Ritter chocolates in the States? The "praline" one is awesome:…
@18 PS: What do you think about white chocolate? I think it's like a little orgasm in your mouth, but that's just me...
I love white "chocolate" as well.

I put chocolate in quotes because I know some people hate white chocolate and like to point out that it's not even really chocolate at all, since all the cocoa's been removed. But I don't care, I still love it.
@19, 18: BUH?!! GASP! Oh sacre bleu! Say it isn't so! Salted dark chocolate like this specific item comes without words to describe the utter, unspeakable awesomeness of the oral-induced self-orgasm it causes every time you bite into one. This may be the best chocolate ever, whether milk, dark, or white (even better than the heart-suspending Dolfin dark chocolate with Earl Grey tea, which I think is still sold at Metropolitan Market around Seattle).

@20: "White chocolate", though OK, isn't to my taste buds a "chocolate", per se, but just a butter in which chocolate likes to bathe itself. Like Velveeta isn't a cheese, but as a "Pasteurized process cheese food", it's the food that cheese eats (to give "American cheese" its orange colour, maybe). By itself, I'll pass. Done up in a recipe, I'm always game. White chocolate in a Cupcake Royale? Always, especially if it's a broken one they just throw in with the other cupcake(s) you buy. :)
@21: Oh, touché! :D
Those are really cute.

You can also put a chocolate covered cherry inside your chocolate cupcakes. Do the same thing you did for your Cadbury Easter cupcakes. It's delicious.

I went to Godiva Chocolates at Southcenter today to get a few chocolates for desert after eating at my favorite teriyaki place.

7 dollars for two pieces! Man, that chocolate good tho!

(Note to might find what you're looking for there. )
Okay, Telsa, I will try anything chocolate, and salted chocolate, if it's anything like salted caramel or salted licorice, must be pretty amazing. We have a candy shop in our tiny little town west of Calgary and they have 4 levels of salted licorice, so perhaps I will find salted chocolate there...still waiting to find chocolate crullers, and convincing myself that they aren't a cruel urban myth!!!
@26: No, no. Not just any salted chocolate. I mean, you can get Lindt's sea salt chocolate at Shoplifters/Pharmapricks (and probably London Drugs and Rexall), but it cannot hold a candle to this stuff from Minneapolis.

You will thank the cosmos for mail ordering a bar or two from them (they have other great varieties, too). You won't need to thank me — seeing the puddle formerly known as Canuck will be all the thanks a girl could ask for. :)

As for chocolate crullers, I'll backtrack to the place and find out if they can do it again. It requires a trip out to the other side of town, and a special order request. I wish I were making it up, but it was real. And really good in a really bad way.
I am ordering the chocolate, Telsa, but when my children wonder why the puddle that used to be me isn't making dinner, I will direct them to this thread.... :)
Thanking you for the chocolate nirvana in advance.....
Yargh!!! They only ship to the States! Will order when I am visiting for be continued.
recipe please please please! we're having our own cake vs. pie contest & i must make these
Lean your head to the right while you look at that picture and it looks like pussy lips.
@29: Oh my god, Minneapolis. Don't be such a bastard to us in Canada! THAT IS NOT FAIR.
canadians - just the chocolate shipped to a friend in the states, and then have the friend airmail it to you. i do that for my friends in ottawa occasionally.
*have* the chocolate shipped. oopsie. :)
It looks like Don King.
@30 I just posted it after the jump. Good luck! Go team piecake!
I think you are a mad genius, but really all you are doing is assemblying packages baking products in a unique way - so this is chock full of preservatives and transfats. I am inspired to do this "for real," with actual chocolate cake batter and pie dough made from scratch.
@38 You're right. I want to make them from scratch as well, but before I dedicated extra time and effort (and money) I first wanted to see if it would even work. Now that I know it does, the possibilities are endless!
(@38 Oh, and FWIW, I got pie crust and cake mix that is trans fat and HFC free--still plenty of preservatives, though, I'm sure.)
I'm pretty sure if you're eating a cherry pie surrounded by a brownie topped by buttercream frosting, the product's relative "healthiness" or unhealthiness" is a moot point.
Looks delicious in either case, though.
this looks incredible
@41 Haha, good point.
Looks like Domokun! I love Domokun!
Haha, someone on Reddit noticed that too, and made this:
Hee! Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks about Domokun and cupcakes.
that is awesome!
I'm totally making these. Missoula cake v pie (v piecake!) tomorrow night. Thanks Megan!

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