That's the social conservative right winger's motto...

Religion: It's whatever you want it to be!
I think it's very interesting how we never, ever hear anything about Palin's oldest son, who is in the military. I know the pentagon tends to frown on drawing attention to individual soldiers, but since he is the one who put the hockey in "hockey mom", you'd think he would at least be referenced from time to time.
Beck's glassy-eyed supplicants are fully aware that he embraces moronism--in fact, they're all moron-converts.
Glenn Beck believes, like most Muslims do, that Jesus was only a prophet, and not the final one.

He's about as Christian as a Muslim is a Christian, unlike our Christian President Obama who actually IS a Christian.

And THAT is a fact check. Too bad the Pharisees on the AP wire won't report on THAT.
Well, at least they're consistent: their "literal" interpretation of the constitution is as illiterate and malicious as their "literal" interpretation of their bible.
They don't know Beck is a Mormon but they know Obama in Muslim? How dumb CAN you get???
I'm a fan of limited government and lower taxes and the only places I get updates on Glenn Beck is when I read The Stranger, Huffington Post, or watch Daily Show clips. He's a real threat to you guys.
"Candid Camera" used to have a segment where Allen Funt would interview little kids and get them to explain something.
They were cluelessly oblivious.
But very earnest.

It was hilarious.

But not as hilarious as the Slogsters talking about religion.....
@7 --- I am sure you could quickly list some stupid people in history who have caused untold misery for millions.

People should indeed be wary of ignorance.
@8: Please enlighten us, great religious expert.
A short video I shot while hanging out at the Restoring Honor rally:…
My comment (@9) was for @6.
@6: he's a real threat to the entire planet if his rhetoric is turned into policy. i get Beck updates from my nice midwestern suburban Aunt and cousin on FB - but you seem not to be a Beckbot like them. perhaps you should pay attention to his poison Murdoch is paying him to spread.
@6 Yes, I agree. Glenn Beck is a threat to this country and the world. He's a tool of plutocratic oligarchy to distract the middle and lower classes from the fact that their lives are being ruined.

I'm curious @6. Everyone knows that 'limited government' is code for dismantling the FDA which does stuff like inspect eggs for salmonella, removing safety protections from off shore oil rigs, regulating the banking industry to prevent them from doing wacky things like tanking the world economy, and then providing a safety net for the people that lose their jobs when the banks destroy said economy.

Because most of the people that use the term 'limited government' are pro-handing large sums of money over to corporations, maintaining a bloated military with 9 times the budget of the next largest military in the world, and pro laws that criminalize being a minority.

I'm wondering if you're in on the joke.
#14 - I'm as anti-Beck as anyone, but I'm curious about these laws that "criminalize being a minority". Can you give some examples?
@15 Arizona's 'Arrest the Brown People' immigration law.
@8 Ooohhhh! A Candid Camera reference? Now do your impression of Eisenhower, grandpa.
In a 12-Step program, which step is the Higher Power step? Beck left that out.

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