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Well, it was a demonstration. Mission accomplished.

But the fact that the student apparently suffered [further] brain damage also suggests that it took too long for others to realize that his heart had stopped and to render effective treatment. I think schools should incorporate Red Cross-type CPR and basic first aid into health classes, but more importantly, teachers and schools should be adequately trained and equipped.
Oh great. Now all our electrical cords have to come with some kind of tag: "Warning: The electricity you're about to enjoy may be extremely dangerous and heart-stopping."
Perhaps the school schould sue the parents for not teaching their kid about the dangers of playing with electricity. Along with tieing your shoes and not shitting your pants, isn't that one of the things you are supposed to know going in to kindergarten?
A comment from an earlier post, "Make Porn For Seattle City Light: A HUMP! Challenge!"
Gee, I never saw nipple clamps in Highlights for Kids...
on behalf of the at-work sloggers, may we please have a nsfw warning for your gallant link?
Let me guess: these folks also sued a stove manufacturer after Kyle put his hand on a hot burner, and a flag pole manufacturer after he got his tongue stuck on one a few winters back.

There are days when I think natural selection isn't being given enough of a chance to do its job...

This was a 18 year old kid in a trade school class. If he couldn't have a environment to get killed by electricity and revived like a school. We would be hearing about some idiot electrician who shocked himself on the job and was suing.

This is such a win for america, children are the future!
. . . Dubois' suit contends he suffered permanent brain damage.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I think he might have been suffering from insufficient brain capacity prior to this incident.
As a perpetrator of them, I know a thing or two about frivolous lawsuits. But even I wouldn't touch this case.
Yeah, can you say "comparative negligence?"
Always appreciate a Highlights reference. Keep 'em coming!
On the bright side, he might get second place in this year's Darwin Awards.
@13 - Unfortunately, "almost" doesn't count for the Darwin Awards, unless in the process he made himself sterile.
This kid will be President someday.
@6 Don't you read the URLs of links before you click on them?

The site is at - doesn't that alone give you pause as to whether it would be work safe?

Then the fact that the URL also contains "e-stim-violet-wands"

If you're worried about keeping your links work safe, you ought to at least read them before you click them.
@1 - I agree, and hope that most school districts are like mine was, where we had to be first aid and CPR certified to finish 9th grade health.

If you're going to be frivolous, blame-deflecting assholes about it, why not sue your buddies that plugged the damn nipple-jumpers in?
What a pansy. He should have put it on his balls.
@18 "What a pansy. He should have put it on his balls."

Would that have made him eligible for the Darwin awards? Unsure about how electricity affects sperm production.
Fucking moron. These are the kinds of guys I had to deal with in woodshop, throwing shit around the room and playing with the giant rotating table saw. He got what was coming to him.
i totally want to be the judge hearing this case.
Yes, please a nsfw disclaimer, I was not expecting that :)
@18, if he'd put it on his balls, he probably wouldn't have stopped his heart. Remember, folks, never connect across the midsection. One nipple at a time.
The heart is always good for completing a circuit.
@16, the nsfw tag request was a preemptive strike on behalf of the less internet-savvy people whose work would actually frown on this sort of thing. i knew exactly what i was getting myself into.
Well, I am embarrassed as this occurred in my former high school. Of all the places it could happen, it had to happen where I spent 4 years of hell as a gay teenager in pretty small town.
Don't shave your face with a Ginsu knife or gargle with Clorox, either, kids. Do not iron clothes on body.

The problem with common sense is that it is not at all common. *sigh*
Thank you Geni. You made me laugh and I needed a laugh.
@19 - Darwin Awards are for improving the gene pool by permanently removing yourself from the gene pool - i.e. death, mainly by something incredibly stupid (like this stunt)
Honorable mention would be the category this falls under - he didn't manage to do the job properly...although I'm sure there's a win in his future.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Sadly, this idiot will probably be awarded a huge settlement for his idiocy.
#19, you beat me to the punch, that was exactly what I thought. Stupid people shouldn't breed.

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