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Frank Blethen?
Dad, go home!
@ 1 LOL!

How does this guy conceal himself in Denny Park? Isn't it mostly filled with trees, open space, and the homeless taking naps?
Former mayor Paul Schell?
Now how does grandpa here -

a) get it up anymore to wank it?

b) evade any attempts at capture?

I would think the first time he did it would be the last time for all the effort it would take to catch him.
Awesome! That's a quick thinking kid. Glad they thought enough to take a shot. That'll help track the creep and convict him. Too bad gramps doesn't understand new technology enough to know to cover his face when a kid holds up his/her phone.
@1 is correct.

@7 for the win.
Why don't the parents just grab a branch and go running at the dude? He probably can't run too fast; they could easily get a few wacks in to immobilize him and wait for cops.
@ 10, what makes you think parents were around?
I think I saw that man at Madison Park this summer wearing a speedo and playing with a remote control speed boat.
Wow, this happened on August 5th, and they're only reporting it now?
Pretty sure KIRO has this wrong. This was in O.O. Denny Park north of Kirkland, not the Denny Park in Seattle.

That's why King Country Sherriff was quoted, not Seattle PD.
that would be O.O. Denny Park, not Denny park.
A more glorious photo is over on courtesy of Jonah Spangenthal-Lee:…
Looks like Conrad Bain (adoptive father Different Strokes), but im pretty sure he died 2 years ago.
thanks @14.
#11, because it was reported this morning by the P.I. that the man was caught masturbating by two women who were with their 11-year-old neice (also, this happened in Kirkland).
@1 - Fnarf, goddammit, I sprayed my lunch all over my monitor. (That *does* look like Mr.-No-Estate-Tax, doesn't it?)
Holy shit! I think I've seen this guy! He likes to wander around the Fremont Solstice Parade wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots. He liked to stop along the parade route in front of kids with a creepy, smug look on his face. Just terrible and disgusting!
He looks like every man over 60 in the building where I work. Besides, what's the big deal about some dude flashing his junk in the park? Come to the Eagle with me on a Thursday night and I'll show you a good time.
Me! In ten years!
Thanks @16 - that made my day... into a different kind of day.
@16 That pic is hilarious. He's jerking off in public and staring straight at the camera without a care in the world. Priceless.
@24, thanks. I aim to please (well, when I'm not aiming for the face, that is). ;o
The really pathetic thing is that he's looking into the camera like, "You KNOW you want a piece of THIS." Seriously? Could he really possibly believe that his wrinkly, fat bod might ever turn someone on? Is that what happens when you get old? Fuck's sake, let me please drop dead before I get that out of touch with reality.
If this happened to me and my family, we'd all be laughing our asses off.
Oh That undead Jason Robards, what a rascal!
It's posts like this that make SLOG so very, very special.
How about using this guy for a coloring contest?
If I were to find myself in such a scenario, I'd be scanning around looking for this creep's pile of clothes and giving serious consideration to grabbing them and running away--if he wanted his pants, keys and wallet back, he could then explain himself to the police.
@29 - That's not Jason Robards, that's L Ron Hubbard!
Hail Xenu!…
Don't forget to disable his getaway.
Oh the protruding stomach! Ah the man-boobs! Oh those fleshy jowls! Wow! get a load of those chicken legs! Ah-h the graceful sidearm sweep technique! Pee Wee Herman, eat your heart out!

Seriously, this guy needs to be taken into custody and get the help he really needs. And no I don't mean in general population with rotating cells. I mean in a psychiatric hospital with INTENSE therapy and HEAVY DUTY drugs.

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