Poll: Income Tax Meaure and Eyman Initiative Both in the Lead



wooo wooo woooo!
Awesome so when 1053 passes the legislature won't even get the chance to fix our shitty fucking tax structure.

California has had a similar law in place for ages and it's one of the many reason why they're probably better off just burning he whole place down.
Can someone explain this to me like I'm an idiot? How does the income tax initiative work if we have a state constitutional ban on income taxes?
Yeah, Dominic, angry. Progressives are having an angry little tantrum and if only they weren't so childish they'd know what's good for them.

You're such a dick to anybody who disagrees with you.
Seriously. How can we get rid of Eyman. He needs to go. Now. My voodoo doll is obviously not working.
I'm glad the really old people who answer the polls are behind the income tax on the Rich.
So if it's perfectly legal to outright lie about initiatives, we need to start fighting back... Here are some slogan ideas:

Vote "NO" on I-1053, or else they'll rape your children...legally!

Vote "NO" on I-1107: Don't let them steal your guns and bibles!

Vote No on Eyman - cause he hates America and wants to run stop lights to kill your kids!

.... hmm. actually, that's a pretty accurate one, though ....
The problem with things like 1053 is they're like time bombs. They pass, and things don't get shitty immediately. Usually because the legislature plays games like delaying interest payments, or deliberately underfunding pensions, or selling some bonds or other such shit. And then eventually all the bills come due, and services get slashed left and right, the public still doesn't want higher taxes, and they still blame the government for all their ills.

Running away from the responsibility of articulating a positive case in favor of taxation does not result in voters voting for you.

California, here we come.
Granted I never believe what a poll tells me especially if it is only 650 "random" people but still it is a bit depressing to read this.