Suspected Shitter Apologizes for Property Damage


I think it's time that I see that movie again.
That downtown Fremont area has become the Pioneer Square of Seattle's northwest eats, frat/sorority jackasses, weird drunks and druggies, and a battered, but still tangible sense of historical character (well..."historical" within the relatively limited timeline of Seattle neighborhoods).

Also like Pioneer Square, it's not a bad place to hang out during the day and on weeknights (though the Google/Adobe crowd ups the douche factor), but must be avoided at all cost on weekends.
A: using "ka-pow" in a post is genius. New favorite intern!

B: who ended up cleaning the shit?
Another case where a plastic grocery bag must have come in handy.
We had this happening at our house, which is near Green Lake, but the person was coming back day after day. Considered leaving some reading material for him, but in the end, thought "screw it!"
Tiger traps work really well.

Just brand them with "Official SPD Property".
I hope everyone involved in this story washed their hands with soap after the events.
At least the SPD showed restraint somewhere.
I drive down that alley twice a week. If I saw him shitting there I'd be tempted to run him over. But I probably wouldn't, unless he was one of the frat creeps @2 mentions. Such a vile street 36th is.
Should have rubbed his nose in it.