What Was It Like Standing in MoMA's Doorway Naked?


It's not that exciting, really.

Now, the cafe bagels - that's something exciting at MOMA.
Jesus christ the art world is so full of shit.
"People called the whole thing alternately wondrous, life-changing, problematic, and narcissistic. But nobody ignored it..."

I did. Well, until now. Shit, art wins again. &_&
Almost all "performance art" is just a random naked person being somewhere where naked people do not usually go. I will see this naked doorway stance, and raise it one naked mime.
I post to Slog naked. Get that image out of your minds, art fans.
I went to MOMA this spring while her sit-down-and-stare thing was happening and it was pretty powerful to watch. I was surprised by how powerful. If I'd read about it in print somewhere, I would've written it off as a cheesy, stupid idea. But in person, there was a real energy there. Not just between her and the person sitting across from her, but also from the silent people in the crowd waiting with each other to be next in the chair. It was riveting. I watched for at least an hour and had a hard time walking away. I'd definitely go see more of her work in the future if I had the opportunity.

I ignored it pretty much. She was there doing the sit down while I was there this spring and I walked by uninterested. I was too burnt out after hours with their fantastic collection of Rauschenberg combines to even go to the floor with her exhibit.