Jamie Herrera Wants to Overturn Roe v. Wade


Yes and eliminate women's suffrage (its a trick question, one thats been done to death).
You'd think that conservatives would love the idea of liberals breeding less, but apparently not.
Why do they hate our Washington State Constitutional Freedoms so?
"A number of my girlfriends have lived through it". Clearly, they would rather live through having an unwanted child. Good plan.
Now that her friends have had abortions for various reason, screw everybody else!
"A number of my girlfriends have lived through it"
Well, making abortion illegal will certainly mean that fewer women will "live through it." It won't necessarily mean that fewer women will have abortions, mind you, but those that do will definitely have a far worse chance of survival. But according to people like Jamie Herrera, those people are murderers who deserve to burn in Hell anyway.
The republicans are smart enough to know that making abortion illegal is very very bad for them. For one it fires up the Dems base. For another so many voters would turn Dem now that abortion was illegal. Its THE issue for so many people.
@6 is correct.
@6: Not to mention they are fornicators... whatever that means.
Another Repuke that won't be elected. This state is pretty pro-choice.
All interesting comments in light of how the people have spoken in the election. (In case you didn't see, the Repuke won 53-47). Either it's not THE issue or THE PEOPLE have spoken on THE issue.