Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Home Invaders, Viaduct Concerns, and a Zeppelin!


John, the tunnel is the only option that can go in with the viaduct still functioning, is the idea behind that (much too crabby) post at Blogging Georgetown. Slog covered that pretty well in the archives.
The zeppelin ride might be worth it, since, you know, the earth is running out of helium.
The Billionaires Tunnel will make it much worse. Since it literally will mean a reduction in freight capacity to HALF that of the other two workable solutions (the Rebuilt Viaduct and the Surface Plus Transit options) - and it also dumps a minimum of 50,000 extra passenger vehicles (cars) onto city streets BEFORE we add in the impacts of toll avoidance on the $5 to $10 each way toll fares ....

It's going to be a nightmare.

Luckily, bus lines operating in that zone will have the ability to remove parking lanes and set off bus/transit only green lights while the cars stew.

Nightmare. Time to kill the Billionaires Tunnel. Now.

Even a zeppelin like the one I see going by won't save you now - you can feel that giant sucking sound of the Billionaires Tunnel absorbing all the tax dollars for the next 20-30 years already and it's just going to get much much much much worse.

No, worse than that.
fyi - UW grads who belong to UW Alumni can get $300 reduced rides and so can current college/university students in the region. Hey, it's still expensive, but it's a zeppelin ride.

Not sure about high school students tho.
@gg - got an extra $10,000?

cause that's how much your "option" costs each homeowner and each renter in this entire city when you add in all the cost overruns that only Seattle will be paying for.

Yeah, you could buy a nice car for that. Or ride a bus until you died with bus passes.

Got cash?

Cause the city doesn't thanks to the Governor who hates Seattle so.
It's not my option, darlin'.
Actually, there is another option to replace the viaduct which could go in without removing the current viaduct during construction, but for some bizarre reason I do not pretend to understand, cut-&-cover is off the table.
Will: "It's going to be a nightmare."

If the extra cars in downtown would be a "nightmare" with the tunnel, wouldn't that make the Surface Option akin to dying a horrible, violent death in your sleep?

(Aka: if you can't even stay logically consistent within a single post, why even bother?)
Is the Zeppelin that white one with State Farm Insurance written all along the sides? If it is I saw it take off last Saturday when I was watching the weekend flyby of WW2 aircraft from the Flying Heritage Museum.

I wouldn't mind taking a trip in one as long as it was really going somewhere and not just around the city.
@9 yes, that's the one. It goes over Lake Washington and over to Bellevue, then up north and so on.

@8 read the studies. they show the tunnel causes the greatest movement of cars onto the city's already full roads and the greatest toll avoidance impacts - as well as dumping more freight onto city streets due to the under capacity for freight issue. The Rebuilt Viaduct can handle all the freight without displacement and all the cars without displacement. The Surface Plus Transit, by removing parking lanes on arterials and shifting turn lights and lanes to a lesser frequency plus adding freight and transit only lanes can also handle the capacity.

All this for the vanity of a few Billionaires and their Millionaire comrades trying to get a free ride on the backs of the Seattle Citizens pocketbooks for a Tunnel we don't need, don't want, and even voted against. One that will take down most statewide elections with it due to its unpopularity in Seattle, in the County, and around the State.

Stay away from the bong. You've never read the studies.