Morning News: Peace, Sodomy, There Is No God.


I wonder how many kids experiencing "extreme temper tantrums" at such a young age would benefit from addressing the problem first with a change of diet? It would be interesting to know what this family's diet was, was it predominately white-flour, sugary, processed foods? Obviously, there are going to be some toddlers and young children who do have significant mental health issues, but imagine if the majority of patients heard that before they would be given drugs to control ADHD, for instance, they had to switch to a whole-grain, bean, vegetable and lean meat diet for a period of time? Any parent who limits sweets knows the effect a sugar high has on their kids. I'd imagine there are plenty of children who live on Kraft Dinner, chicken nuggets, and drink Sunny D 24/7, whose parents wonder why they're so hyper.
Some kids are just crazy - even at 2 - its a DNA problem - not a diet problem
If they allow those tax cuts to stay, they deserve a election thrashing.
@2 Oh yeah, I get that, I just think there are a LOT of kids out there whose hyperactivity could be managed, to some degree, by diet. My point was that I think we, as a society, want to treat symptoms, rather than looking at the causes of those symptoms. And yes, genetically "crazy" may be the cause, but I think the easier solutions should be investigated first!
REGARDLESS of how out-of-control (or perceived out-of-control) a kid is, the idea of giving a 3 yo antipsychotics is scary. This is SERIOUS medication. Anti-depressants make you feel good, antipsychotics make you feel NOTHING.
"The economy is very weak right now. Raising taxes will lower consumer demand at a time when we want people putting more money into the economy."
Bullshit, the rich don't create consumer demand. Also, they don't need to enact a tax raise for taxes to go up. They expire naturally--this article conflates the expire/tax raise. But those conservadems are actively working to extend rich people's tax cuts/deficit spending program.
5- that's a little inaccurate. I've taken both of those types of drugs together and separately and I can attest they make you feel like absolute shit. What's really funny (not in a feel good way) is that we feel fine just giving this stuff in multiple combinations to children who won't have fully developed nervous systems for another 20 years give or take a few. This is also compounded with the fact that we don't know what they do longterm to adults as well.
Hawking didn't deny that God created the Universe per se; rather, he said that God's existence isn't *necessary* for an explanation of the Universe's creation. A subtle distinction to be sure, but an important one.

More about this:…
I was able to vote multiple times in the Dick's poll this morning through blindingly simple means, just as I can in Slog polls. Fortunately Slog polls don't amount to a hill of beans, but Dick's--Dick's is (are?) everything!
@1 - I had the exact same thought reading the piece. @2, it's true that diet change would not help every single child, but it might help many, and wouldn't harm any. And it could provide another filter to try to determine who are the very, very few children who should even be considered for such powerful meds (I can't even wrap my head around the idea that such a thing could be done without AT LEAST a second opinion).
New poll for a place called "Dick's"?
/b/ shall hear of this.
Consider me on Team Hawking.
"New study finds that older people enjoy reading negative news stories about younger generations".

Here we have the basis for every war throughout human history. Shriveled up old bone bags (Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, et al) are always eager to sentence young juicy morsels to their deaths for nebulous reasons. It's probably a genetic sequence to send your younger rival to his or her death given the power.
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