The Moral Experts: American Goody Two Shoes


Chew coca.
subtle innuendos follow
there must be something inside
Actually, the "no smoking in a small cave a half mile underground" advice kinda makes sense.
Well, he may not be acting in a moralistic capacity but in the capacity of a doctor who would likely advise me to do the same. There's even little pamphlets in the office telling you the supposed negative effects of both. You can check 'em out if you want at the nearest clinic.

You survive, and you don't go crazy. That's the goal. They're not down there to have a good time.

The experts they sent are from NASA, who have experience in dealing with people in extreme isolation (space!) for long periods of time. Don't be silly.
4- BTW, please don't take this as oppressive American moralizing!
Karen Walker.
I'm not ready for Adam Ant at this hour of the morning.
I won't rest until this thread has produced a dozen more gems of brilliance along the lines of "They're not down there to have a good time."
@3 for the duhhhhhhhhhhh win
Ummmm. Errr.

Smoking consumes the oxygen in a cramped environment with poor ventilation . Also will result in fights as choking non-smokers deal with the fuckers making them gag.

Drinking. Ah, yes. In a tiny room, put a dozen men in the dark, who have to shit and piss and sleep and eat for a couple of months. Have them try to get along. Then give them large amounts of a significantly disinhibitory drug which is known to initiate and exacerbate violent conflicts.

Sounds like a fucking plan.

Get a couple more cameras down there, put it on the Reality Channel, add subtitles, and watch your ratings zoom!
OK, the arguments not to smoke make perfect sense (except the one about non-smokers getting pissy with the smokers. I think the non smokers would take it up), but for the anti-drinking while down there arguments, first we have to ask where they are getting the alcohol? certainly a 3 dring per person per day maximum would not bring out any hostilities, and they need to keep their alcohol tolerance up for the celebrations they will be invited to when they are rescued.
"Nutritionist Amelia Ponce said she would try to evaluate the miners' weights and estimate how many kilos they had lost.

"We don't have any way of weighing them, so what we can do is have them give an average weight that they estimate," she said."

wow, what an expert response.
What #10 said.

Charles, are you seriously suggesting that these American experts went down to Chile only in order to wag a nagging finger at them about smoking and drinking?

I want whatever YOU'RE smoking and drinking.. at 8:31 in the morning. Sheesh.
Send down some vapes and herb. No smoke to worry about and the miners will be fine just chillin...