On the Beauty of Surgical Tools


It is odd how when seeing antique surgeon's instruments, I wince at the thought of having those instruments used on them, while not feeling the same sense of imagined pain at being blasted by an antique rifle, or slashed with an antique sword.

Perhaps because I can more easily imagine myself being operated on than being shot or stabbed.
Oh man, did you ever see Dead Ringers? Terrifying.
@2 word. Maybe it's the immediacy. Living in a rich and mostly peaceful country, you don't think that rifle will be used on you. But when you see the scalpel, you know it's "batter up".
Would you like to see my collection of gynecological tools for mutant women?
Dead Ringers, yes. If he hasn't already, Charles must see.
OK, I'm officially weird. I do find surgical instruments beautiful. Nothing more gorgeous than a pair of obstetrical forceps either.