The Reality of District 9


Jesus. Here comes the bloodbath. Congo Part 2? Will Zambia and Botswana be able to stay out of it?
Well at least they can return home.

The persecution in SA appears to be political based, Mugabe gets put in power, they resist this, fight a brief fight, lose, then flee. Once they return, they face political opponents who consider them cowards.

The UN could step in, kill Mugabe and end this in a week, but wont because the USA will veto it because its a humanitarian issue and doesn't benefit us financially.

As long as its only tens of thousands of people dying due to political prosecution, its ok, right, right?
maybe they have prettier concrete buildings in South Africa.
You mean this metaphor for immigrant communities in South Africa can be used to apply to an immigrant community? My mind...BLOWN
About time.

Meanwhile, China will exploit the instability for massive profit.

Cause that's who is getting rich off of Africa's insanity.
It'll be interesting to see how Mugabe pins this one on white farmers.
@2: I'm pretty sure the UN doesn't conduct or condone political assassinations (unlike, say, the USA)
@4: There needs to be a term for that: drawing a parallel between two things, one of which was an intentional analog of the other in the first place.