The Betty Bowen Finalist List Is Out


sternberger's paintings make my heart flutter a little bit and remind me of cy twombly, so i am crossing my fingers for her. on the other hand, in light of the recent shooting of john t. williams and the promise of a demonstration in protest of his unnecessary death, i find lesperance to be the more relevant and inspiring candidate. a juxtaposition of both would be downright beautiful. may the best woman/man win.
The last nomination has ripped a chunk out of my faith in art as anything but a nepotistic popularity game and has rendered this esteemed award meaningless . Perhaps I am the only one who still fails to understand why this work is lauded as genius or even considered anything other than an example of what happens when you watch back to back episodes of "Breaking Bad." Maybe his brother wrote his proposal? He certainly made the work in the photo you provided.