Did You Lose Your Keys?


Pretty cool! I'll remember this if I ever find anyones lost items lying around my hood!
Stranger people are helping people.
"Are these THEY" would be correct.
Ignition key for an elderly Ford product.

I guess if you're going to have a tag on your keyring it should have a cell # or e-mail on it.
My keyring has the Batman symbol with a Geo Metro logo inside and then my telephone number and Thank You next to it.

I custom made it with a laser. My hope is that if anyone finds my keys they will take pity on the comic dweeb who drives a Geo Metro rather then trying to steal my fucked up Geo Metro.

This post is so inane and content-free that even "Will In Seattle" failed to comment on it.

So, free keys for whoever gets there first?
I have lost a set of keys either on the #5, 10 or 17 bus going north & coming south bus on Wed Sept 27th between 8 am & about 4 pm or lost them on the ground. There is about 10 keys on a quarter sized round silver key ring. If anyone has found them please put on this blog. The keys are important & I must find them.