Union Accepts Contract That Evaluates Teachers Based on Student Test Scores, But Votes No Confidence in Superintendent


they just signed their own death warrant. no one can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear - and there's a helluva lot of sow's ears attending seattle public schools.

The headline is bullshit, and so is the thrust of the story. The District is just spouting a lot of spin if it says this is any substantial increase in using student test scores to evaluate teachers, and the Stranger's "reporter" is buying the spin and not the reality.

In the first place, the District is glossing over, if it even admits it in the first place, that this was a change proposed by the UNION.

Teachers had been complaining for years that principals' evaluations were either perfunctory, or slipshod, or arbitrary. Now an anomalous test score, where teachers previously had been evaluated positively, just triggers another evaluation. The principals will be forced to evaluate a teacher in depth, which is what the teachers were after all the time.

A more in-depth interview, more often than not, will reveal that low test scores might be caused by all kinds of extenuating factors, other than teacher incompetence.

These dumb fucking "reformers" will be the last to understand that they have thrown Brer Rabbit (the teachers) right into the briar patch. If their goal was to weaken the union, they have strengthened it. If their goal was to make firing teachers easier, they have made it harder.

In other words, the District has FAILED, Goodloe-Johnson has FAILED, and the "reformers" have FAILED. Death warrant, my ass.
@2 is right. this was huge defeat for Goodloe-Johnson and her rubber-stamping board and for the current big-business education "reform" movement. it's an even bigger victory for Labor, teachers, schools and kids.

no newspaper in town seems to be willing to look into district leadership. the Seattle Times is in G-J's pocket. i'm shocked that the fact that G-J is on the board of the company that makes the MAP test (instituted across the district and one the exams they wanted to tie teacher performance to) hasn't gained any traction. uh, conflict of interest maybe?