Drama at the Chilean Mine


"It's like watching a very long and very entertaining HBO show."

Uh, yeah... except it's not. Real people, Charles. These are real people.
Betcha he's going to be in no hurry to get out.

Somehow, I'm guessing right now he's thinking that sleeping on the couch or in the dog house would be much better than where he's currently sleeping.
Maybe Dan could have a chat with them about the virtues of polyamory.
Sounds like someone's old lady needs to just loosen up and read Sex At Dawn, amitrite?
fast-forward a few months as the rescue rope is lowered to the miners: "you guys can go first.... no, really, i'm just going to do some cleanup here before we go."
These are ACTUAL people with children, mothers, brothers, and lovers. They are not the cast of Jersey Shore and reporters need to find a way to make that distinction. They didn't sign up to be a spectacle, they went to work and tragedy ensued.

Sadly, most journalists today aspire to be Jerry Springer, not Walter Cronkite.

I'm really disappointed in you, Charles and thought you had more integrity.


hello? Jerry Springer is easily more rad than Walter Cronkite. And for journalism, The Stranger has a lot more insightful commentary than say... People Magazine. Speaking of these spooferific brown people south of the border, check out the hilarious take on immigration by The Onion
(a) "fourth months?"
(b) One cool thing about being still alive is that you can go back to worrying about humdrum details like this. True, these people didn't sign up to be on a reality TV show, but there's no need to insist that they are saints. I'm not trying to say that this kind of story is [ever] in good taste, but from a certain point of view it's understandable.
@10 that's a good point and I agree. I didn't mean to imply saintlyhood, just that these guys deserve a little restraint from reporters considering the incredible circumstances. Especially because this bit about a man having a wife and a girlfriend adds nothing to the story. It isn't about how two women overcame anger to support the man they love, or a story about how severe situations bring new light to some of life's oddities blah blah blah, it's just sensational bullshit to increase page views/etc and it's not only insensitive, but completely unnecessary. God forbid someone did some actual writing or reporting. Nope, just post a link and add a pithy comment and *poof* you have "journalism".

But no one cares, today we are all parodies of ourselves just waiting to go viral, not unlike bacteria.
At the same time, the public has a legitimate need to know whether the wife or the girlfriend has the bigger boobs -- an issue this article utterly failed to address. Yet another sign of the decline of standards in journalism.
@11: Never have I ever seen a bacterium go viral...or be a parody of itself. Wat.