Mayor McGinn Responds to Growing Concerns Over SPD Killing


So to get the mayor to attend my vigil all I need to do is suck hundreds of thousands of dollars thru court and social service costs, be a flat out drunk charged 30 times for lewd conduct and harassment and disobey an order from a cop to drop my knife. I wish all citizens could have this much fun.
It's great that all of sudden the great Lib Hypocrites are emerging from the woodwork to glom their names on to what (a day later) seems to have become a cause celebre (and it certainly beats having to deal with hard stuff like budgets and 'transit').

But for anyone who follows the police blotters around the Cities of the Salish Sea, you may have noticed that what seems like more than once a month, there have been knife killings around town in Seattle and in all different neighborhoods. Now given, many of these take place at late hours and sometimes near bars -- but not always.

As a police office, immersed in the daily crimes that most do not take account of, you would be well aware of this rabid increase in knife related murders and you would, assume, that a person approaching with a bright, shiny knife, might have a real intent to kill.

So, I say phooey on the somnambulists who only open their eyes when there is political hay to be made, and yet turn a truly deaf ear to the violence of daily life in the cities.
Supreme Ruler,

I don't know what a "rabid increase" would be on either grammatical or numerical levels. Is there proof of this increase in knife violence, or is this a "I totally read three news articles" kinda thing?

John (whom I've known) was indeed an alcoholic with severe behavioral problems. If he was a reasonable threat to the police officer, I'm not going to begrudge the man for firing on him. But if the police officer broke protocol, I'm not going to begrudge the city for firing him. I also don't totally blame the Chief Seattle Club for such an inconsequential rattling of inconsequential political sabers. What else are they going to do? Sure, this cultural sensitivity stuff is a bit ridiculous, but Native carvers also shouldn't go around concerned about being shot the second their knives are taken out in public.

I think the real "political hay-making" is among those who choose to interpret the sequence of events to their own ends. We have no idea if the police officer acted correctly, and no idea if John did. You're doing the same thing you're (rightly) complaining about by making these interpretive leaps. Everyone involved in this situation deserves better.

P.S. Suggesting that the Chief Seattle Club somehow "turns a deaf ear" to violence (a homeless shelter in Pioneer Square, really?) is just absurd.
it was always gonna happen but, Bailo @2 has officially become the blah blah spewing Jan Brewer of SLOG...
Yakity Yak
A "nnoyed" out cop doesn't care what race he shoots.
Hopefully the city will hurry up and adopt Bruce Harrell's proposal to put cameras on police. If this cop had a camera on we would already know if the force he used was justified or not. This needs to get done. Enough with the uncertainty and bullshit!
Bull hooves! There will not be any accountability for the shooting. He promised that before with the Monetti beating.