The Photo On The Left...


Fangs a lot!

...Hover Dog got clipped?
Bear cavalry, meet dog air force.
Hang out around stoners, you end up taking a bong hit. Hang out around pitbulls or cops, you end up dead or in the hospital.
Cool, armor piercing puppies!
Too bad the choppers don't breed; it would really take a nice chunk out of our defense spending.
this post needs more Ride Of The Valkyries.
@5: Rule 34 begs to differ.
Okay that pit is sooo cute! It belongs in one of Megan's posts. You guys are jealous bc you know you are not that cute.

Call me Pit Bull LOVER!!!!
#4 FTW
I cannot believe you are posting cute dog pictures, Dan! This belongs on the Daily Kos poozles and wooties thread . . .

Seriously . . . . I don't take you as a dog hater, but you certainly have expressed (in column and podcast) a certain sense of keeping dogs in perspective in your life. Have you read the work of the ironically names Jon Katz, who argues we put too much emotional investment into dogs . . . to our detriment and theirs? (the new work of dogs)
Lame, so sick of this bull shit. I am going to go walk my red nose now.
That picture is adorable, regardless of the breed involved.
I love Slogasm in the evening!
THX Pissy....
I don't get it. Resemblance? Huh? I don't get it.
@14 Dan is an anti-pitbull crusader, and not much of a dog lover generally, so far as I can tell. My guess is that the analogy is that they are both killing machines with mini-killing machines (puppies/guns) on their flanks.

Mind you, I'm 99.999% certain it's merely a joke. Dan invariably pisses people off with his anti-pitbull posts, and there's little he likes more than mocking people who get pissed off at him.
#12 is correct.
@5 - omg! Can you imagine? Heavy artillery helicopters don't kill people - their owners are at fault!!
@17 - I know you're making a joke but there's more a little truth in that. Helicopters are inanimate so of course they can't do anything without a human controlling it.
That is the most awesome comparison photo ever. What an adorable dog!!
@17 A helicopter can sense your nervousness, which makes them more likely to attack.
Temple Grandin, who knows her shit and probably isn't capable of dissembling (given that she's autistic), says that pits and Rotts have such a high rate of biting that it's not possible that a few bad owners are skewing the sample. Pits are more aggressive than other dogs, period, and if you question this, I invite you to read her excellent "Animals in Translation."

Personally, I have a pit/Lab mix and a Rott/Swissie mix, and they're a handful. I shudder to think of what it's like to own a straight-up pit or Rott.
Cute puppies!!!