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Regarding the union article: the Time's reporter certainly has a interesting worldview. I, for one, don't see evidence of "the nation's rightward shift". And quoting the VP for "labor policy" at the US Chamber of Commerce on a labor story?

The biggest challenge organized labor faces in this country is combatting the strong opinions of people who have absolutely no knowledge of them, yet still regard themselves as experts. The second biggest challenge is overcoming the outdated worldview of most of their leaders, and a certain percentage of their rank-and-file. That's why I don't regard this news story as a signal of "continued decline" - as much as it is a desperately needed change of perspective. Unions need to realize that it's not the 70's anymore, but that there is still very much a need for collective bargaining, safe working conditions, and economic parity in the workforce.
@1, that's the best counterpoint one could have wished for. Thank you!
you call this crap 'news'?

what about the football game last nite?

the Washington Huskies in running down to Provo to get beat by BYU?
You know- the Mormons-
UW should take Dan's advice and boycott the state of Utah.
It would spare them a yearly buttwhupping....
stun gun death - link broken?
Yeah, he kinda fucked-up the coding pretty badly on that. Here you go.
Will someone hurry the fuck up and invent a phaser gun with a stun setting? Christ!
@4 Link fixed, thanks!
Seconding Gloomy Gus' comment at 2... Thanks, Catalina! Excellent points.
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