The Oldest Living Tortoise Is 175 Years Old...


Thank you! My Labour Day evening is going to consist of watching Legion with junior Canuck (him for the horror, me for Paul Bettany's abs), so it was nice to have this diversion first. And "Immortal Jellyfish"? Definitely needs to be the name of a band.
Fascinating project!
TED you own but holy shit could you please serve video in a higher resolution.
I'm a little bummed one of the longest living organisms wasn't Russell Edgington.
It's like the old tortoise in The Neverending Story.
this talk was just a laundry list of old things. she didn't really tell us anything about them except how old they are, their names and where they live. boring. and she said that this was a cross of art, science and philosophy. more of all three, please.
Grant Brissey is the oldest living man on the planet.
Thanks for sharing, Grant. I, at least, enjoyed it.
@6 Agreed. Could've been so much more. Her monotone doesn't help.
I liked that, but I also wished she would have drilled down more on each species a little. Other than the trees, it was hard to tell if some of those were single living organisms, or just ancient colonies of organisms (fungus, coral) that have continued to thrive in the same location—which from a distance, could also be said about human colonies.

Still, pretty damn cool.
What a beautiful planet. How sad these living are threatened by us.