Council Smacks Down Mayor's Grab at MOHAI Money


Your posts are starting to give off a unique odor, like Mudede's but not so intriguing.
While you're at it Mr Mayor, why don't you harass the Makah Tribe for whaling? Its totally out of your jurisdiction locked in a 155 year treaty, but what the heck, how big are your balls?
Kinison, the Mayor proposes the budget.

Council can ignore them, and be vetoed, if they wish.

So long as they're happy with tossing homeless families with small kids out on the streets during the winter.
I thought Mike was down with the "cultural constituency" economic model? Maybe he limits his support to bands who'll play his events for free.
@Will In Seattle

Yeah I was leaning more towards the fact that it was an established 7 year contract that the mayor wanted to break because he's scrambling for money to patch the hole in the budget with.
You mean like the contracts that AIG and the other Too Big To Fail Banks had with their execs? The ones that were somehow more important than the CONTRACTS that the UAW and other unions had with the Big Three?

Contracts were made to be broken. First rule of law.
I should point out that since the original SLOG post/story went live that the budget projections were released that showed it's even WORSE than thought.

(source - Suburban Times, Seattle PI, this thing Fnarf thinks isn't run out of India called the Associated Press, the gullible fool)
Thank god we found money to fill that budget hole!
As a fey lad I used to fill budget holes from my dear sister's purse. She was family, but that didn't make it right, she explained as she beat me with the heel of her earth shoe.
Yes, the valiant McGinn administration, filling giant, gaping budget holes with spoonfuls of money that they grab from others. Good work, team!