Maybe He Was Suffocating And There Was Oxygen In The Other Guy's Balls


What's the problem? Has this guy made a big deal about being 100% straight, or are his songs homophobic? Maybe if more bands did this, they wouldn't break up so easily...
What @1 said...your headline makes it sound like this guy has made a point of being Mr. Super-Straight, but then in the post you say you've never even heard of 'em.
I don't think there is a problem? Maybe posted so much as to say... awesome? Someone gimme that sex tape!
Maybe if more bands did this, they wouldn't break up so easily...

I don't think you've thought this through.

That way any little lovers' quarrel could split up the band - no need for a Yoko Ono, if they can do the jealousy among themselves.
Hands up if, like Dan, you have no idea who Ian Watkins is, but you clicked for the cock anyway.

*raises hand*
I doubt this will damage his band's standing at all. It'll probably enhance it as Lostprophets female fanbase are comprised of the kind of emo girls who are very keen on the 'pretty boys making out' entertainment genre.
Man, more bands should definitely do this. Let's have a vote who should be next!
*raises hand*

Now all we have to do is try to figure out which of his bandmates shaves his junk. :-)
Everyone else can go home. The Film Reference Headline of the Day contest has been locked down.
@4 Who said anything about lovers? I'm thinking BJs for everyone after a set would do a lot to improve band morale and reduce the number of weepy, emo groupies needing to be entertained. Maybe you haven't noticed, but guys don't actually have to be in love to do this... ;)

@5 Well, duh!

@8 There's manscaping, and there's 10 year old boy...ew. Gear down with the razor, band boy.
Oh no, the gay agenda got whoever this guy is. Dah dah daaaah!
Honestly, whether or not you suck a dick has no effect on my opinion to your music...

That said, it was a damn fine cock he's sucking there :)
I'd raise my hand but it's busy.

(And shouldn't LineOut have a sucking link directing people to Slog for a change?!)
*raises hand (the one that's not busy)*
"But blowjobs and sex pics have always been in Slog's portfolio"

Not nearly enough, though.
@15 WORD.
Publicity stunt.
*raises hand*

i thought with a name like that they might have been christian rock or some such, which would make for a great scandal. straight-identified guy with another guy? not really a story. i liked the picture, though. so, thanks?
I didn't think of it as a scandal, more of a 'Whoooo!'

oh and raised hand.
well, considering they're welsh, it could be considered a surprise.
That peen looked entirely suckable.
Hate to crap on the parade, but the arm tattoos aren't the same... and who said it was one of his bandmates anyway?
*raises hand* Damn my curious nature.
Reminds me of the time a rag of some sort interviewed Tom Hardy and asked if he ever had gay sex. His response? "I'm an actor, of course I've had gay sex!"

Or is this an issue because we know all rock/alternative bands are always 100% straight? (Sorry for the heavy sarcasm but - so what?)
*raises hand*

Sounds like he had a 3-way. Who the fuck cares?
Nice pic, but I made the mistake of clicking around on that site. Holy shizz! LOLS! Tittays! I need brain bleach.
Over four hours and no one's commented on Dan's Female Trouble reference?
I thought that's what groupies are for.

Being in a band: You're doing it wrong.
*raises hand*

Damn, that photo is hot.
umm sorry this is sexy. i'm going to go to itunes and buy some of their music. very very hot
And now these guys are going to be the tabloid television zeitgeist for the next three years. Which is why this sex tape got 'leaked' in the first place. I bet they've got an album already coming out before the end of the year.
The Spice Girls used to do this all the time. At least according to fanfiction.
There is a line in my diary from when I was a whiny 13-year-old baby metalhead-to-be which reads re: this band: "I bet they all just sit around on tour and suck each other's dicks." Nearly ten years later I feel vindicated. Although I'm left wondering how my younger self thought you could hang around *and* suck a dick at the same time. And why, considering that I liked Judas Priest as much then as I do now, I seemed to think that noteworthy.
Re. the mystery of whether the cock in question belongs to a bandmate or not - Lostprophets, I just discovered on wikipedia, are Welsh. 95% of British guys are uncut.*

Can you tell I'm procrastinating today?

*this fact brought to you by the British Tourist Board