The French Intern


Welcome Julien. Good call on the Rice Krispie treat, it tastes like shit!
It has "treat" in the name, how does it not sound tasty? I remember our french exchange student in high school thought peanut butter sounded disgusting, until he had one of my mom's chocolate/peanut butter cookies. His tune soon changed. He never did accept corn on the cob as a valid foodstuff, though ("they feed that to pigs").
The French guy will receive more attention than the other interns and they will be jealous of him.
@2: That's *awesome.* I just had grilled corn on the cob for the first time this weekend and I will totally remember that guy every time I eat cob.

A bad Rice Krispie is really awful -- no flavour, hard. But a good Rice Krispie is the best goddamn thing. You're here to learn, intern.
@3: No, I will never forget Steven Blume, news intern extraordinaire and all-round cutie.
Well, he has a way with Gallic phallic props.
You people. Who pays any attention to the interns? Here one day, gone the next. Shit, it's hard enough keeping track of the comings and goings of the regular staff.
Bienvenue, Julien.
I think he'll come to regret not eating that Rice Krispie treat.
He's not smoking. He's not French.
can he do a post a week in french? that would be so great! my french needs so brushing up.

OR he should translate old savage loves. i wonder if they sound more romantic. also, would santorum become le pen or something?
I used to live on rue Massillon...
@10 FTW
Ask him about the French national football team's recent Euro qualifier against Belarus.
He had to come to America to learn that black people can be president, secretary of state, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, CEO of a company...anything other than a janitor or musician.

Bienvenue au pays ou la gastronomie est presque perdu! Vous allez trouver des très bons mets, comme les beignets frais. Mais la majorité du temps vous allez secouer votre tête et déclarer «Ils mangent trop parce qu’il ne mange vraiment pas ! » Bonne chance !
....or football player.
Tout le monde doit visiter a Seattle - c'est le droit.
Silly concierge,doesn't he know that officially in france there are no black people, only French! Plus, they are all equal!
Send him back!

Ou peut-être le laisser au Québec
make sure he's at slog happy.
He is seriously handsome.
Way to spit on America, new guy. NOW EAT IT!
New intern may have trouble getting used to the fact that hard-core anonymous coward chickenshit racists regularly spew anti-black garbage of the worst sort on Slog. Julien, they are not a part of us. Don't take them seriously. Bailo will never show his face at a Slog event in person.
Racist Fnarf? Really? You meet a black French man and your first question is about football? You should be really French and also ask him if he can rap and dance. Then tell him how much you like to sleep with black people to show how much you believe in égalité.

Ever walked through La Défense looking for a black man doing anything other than carrying a mop
Are we talkin' a homemade Rice Crispy treat (with real ingredients) or that unrecognizable shit that comes in a blue foil pouch that uses - among other horrible things - synthetic vanillin?

I'm not a huge RK treat fan. Never have been. But there's no comparison between a homemade one and one of those commercially-produced things that uses the cheapest ingredients (chemicals) imaginable.

And Bethany, it may not have been the most welcoming act opening up one of those things and saying, "Here, eat this."

At least we know Julien has a strong (and gracious) survival instinct.

C'est une politique assez bonne de ne pas manger des choses avec des marques dans leurs noms, mais ne croyez pas les gens qui veulent avancer le mensonge qu'il n’y a pas la gastronomie ici, que on mange que de McDo. Suivez le conseil de Bethany et vous mangerez très bien pendant votre séjour (mais je suppose que vous êtes déjà informés.) Bienvenue!

@25, I meet ANY French person and my first question is about football. I gather you don't follow the sport, or the news; the disgrace that is French football has been making world headlines for a couple of months now.
Oh fnarf, you international sophisticate.. Who would have thought following a sport played by hooligans and watched by hooligans ( except in the USA where upper middle class bourgeoisie like u watch) would make u so cosmopolitan.

Be sure to ask him when France will get its first black president.
@29: "...a sport played by hooligans and watched by hooligans ( except in the USA where upper middle class bourgeoisie like u watch)..."
Obviously, you've never been to a Chicago Fire match. Chicago being the center of Hispanic culture that it is, about 50-70% of the stands are filled with working-class Mexican-American superfans. Get your idiocy away from my soccer!
@29, you flatter me. Just because I'm smarter than you hardly makes me an "international sophisticate".
Ever been to a seattle game? 90% college educated middle class white people playing proliteriate for the day.
Yes, so many smart people like you up there in Phinney Ridge.
"Just because I'm smarter than you "

Apparently that's a bit of a Seattle disease, thinking you're smarter than everyone else. This despite the fact your world doesn't get beyond all white Phinney and Slog.
Oh, look, I have a stalker troll.
@26: It was a homemade Rice Krispie treat, and I did not say, "Eat this"—it was offered (and refused) politely. (It was also 9:30 a.m., which is not a proper hour for a Rice Krispie treat if, in fact, such a thing exists.)
@35 lol, your first? Man, I had them back in the 80s when they hand-rolled the macros for their sigs.

@21 for Best Suggestion Ever - the French Intern should show up for SLOG Happy.
Any time's a good time for a rice krispy treat (homemade of course).
French people...pfft!

And it's always a proper hour for a Rice Krispie Treat...especially as a snack with whiskey. mmm...whiskey...they don't have whiskey in France. Eff France. Hippies.
@38: Agreed. It's made with cereal, come on! And unless TV has lied to me, marshmallows are a vital component of cereal in a balanced breakfast.
@37, "when they hand-rolled the macros for their sigs" -- yes, this is up to your usual standard of understanding things. You don't know what you're talking about; you don't know what fucking "sig" means. You make up crap that sounds like it might be deeply technical but it's gibberish. You're a monkey looking at a Coke bottle.
I love how you think things were back then, Fnarf.

For your info, a .sig file was usually used on old UNIX systems and related systems to indicate posts, it's in the .rsc file (resource - sig is signature - .plan is plan(s)) - back then we used to use finger to check status since it had a low bandwith/resource hit - you'd ping the direct IP of someone - I used to ping sequence IPs to find open systems back when I was a cracker.

Most of the stuff you use predates when you think it existed. We had mil laptops in the early 80s with removable hard drives, for example.
@42, here we go again. You've garbled all of this up beyond belief. I know what a .sig file is, and I know what finger is, and they don't have anything to do with each other, nor does either one have to do with "hand-rolling macros".

One way you can tell you're full of shit is that you write Unix in all-caps, which is how dumbshits who are trying to sound smarter than they really are do it.

Unix is something I actually know a little bit about. My copy of Unix in a Nutshell is dated 1992, and it's right here within arm's reach. I still futz with my Eskimo account nearly every day.

For the record, finger returns, depending on the system, the user's .plan, .project (neither of which hardly anyone ever filled out), home directory, and whether they're logged in or not. It does not return the contents of .sig. Nor does .sig contain macros; it's plain old text. .sig was automatically or manually appended to email and Usenet posts.

I have no idea what "the .rsc file" is supposed to mean; are you talking about .rcs? The business about pinging also has nothing whatever to do with .sig or finger or any of this stuff.

I think these are my favorite WiS posts, the internetty ones. They come out of nowhere. They have no relation to any topic on earth except the topic of Will trying to make himself seem smart and historically aware, when in reality they conclusively prove the opposite. It's extremely comical watching him try to assemble technical terms he's vaguely heard of into comprehensible sentences. He always fails. Always. I don't know how he can stand to embarrass himself so badly like that, but he does, over and over and over again.
Oh, and I still have a .sig; not just old Unix systems have them, but new ones too. I don't use it to "indicate posts", though; that is just plain incorrect.
stop arguing right now, boys. i mean it!
Fnarf, I've caught him doing the same thing when the conversation turns to complex legal issues. Rather than admitting he's wrong, he just keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper until it literally becomes laughable.
@45, I'm not arguing, I'm doing demolition work.
I just set my .face file to "smiley".
First, I'm grateful to all those who welcomed me so warmly. Thank you for the compliments too, I'm really flattered.

@Julie in Eugene, @Gloria, @ Bauhaus I : "treat" sounds almost like "truite" in French. And a "truite" is a fish. Early in the morning, you don't want to eat a bare fresh fish. Nor some sort of sugar-flavored bar. Later in the morning, I could have had a try, but I prefer bubble gum. I promise I'll endeavour to swallow some Rice Krispie treat. It must be delicious when you're starving to death. Concerning peanut butter, I've already tasted it (my parents love it), but it's nothing compared to a tasty, silky and delightful spoon of Nutella.

@zee : Merci à toi, zee.

@I'm 85 Years Old : I'm the new generation. We are rebels who do not smoke. But we drink. A lot. (Orange juice, for me.)

@Cook : J'aurais pu répondre aux commentaires en français, mais bon, ç'aurait été un peu mesquin de ma part. Je vais voir ce que je peux faire avec le reste de l'équipe pour accéder à ta demande.

@sirkowski : In which city ? Paris ? La rue Massillon juste derrière Notre-Dame ?

@Fnarf : I have not seen the game. Actually, I don't care about sports. Except when a sexy hot player is involved, like Yoann Gourcuff.

@Ubiquita, @Holly Arsenault : Merci ! J'ai déjà commencé à me poser des questions sur l'alimentation des Américains. N'en connaissant pas encore tous les ressorts, je fais moi-même quelque expérimentations. Avec des bonnes et des mauvaises surprises... Mais on s'y fait ! Et j'ai déjà découvert de très bons endroits. La gastronomie existe aussi ici, vous prêchez un convaincu.

@Yobbo : I'm French. I'm not some kind of seer.

It was nice to meet you all, folks. Even you, @michaelp. You should come to France. We have much more whiskey than you could have ever imagined.
They're called "freedom treats"
French guy looks hot. Here's to hoping he's straight!
Time to start some good ol American new guy hazing. Force him to make and eat an entire tray of rice krispies treats. Oh, and I just realized what will in seattle's picture was of. You really shouldn't encourage him Fnarf.
Yoann Gourcuff -- very nice! Thank you, Julien!…

Canuck, gloomy gus! You seeing this?
Bonjour, Julien! S'il vous plait, demandez à Bethany: Où sont les la plupart brioche délicieuse à Seattle? Avez-vous rendu visite à Le Panier encore ?
@52, I'm afraid his description of Gourcuff as "sexy hot" suggests otherwise. He was linked with Tottenham last month but it never happened, alas; I'm not in a position to tell how hot he is but I certainly do love his football. Lyon got him. We could really have used him.
Welcome Julien! Homemade Rice Krispie treats are definitely something you should try at least once -- but 9:30 in the morning is a bit much, so you get a pass this time. :>
"Actually, I don't care about sports."

Poor Fnarf. Don't worry, he's a wannabe Frog, next he'll ask you if you can rap or dance.
Aha! Yes, Irena, I saw, and was hoping Gus would too....another *hot soccer player* aficionado!
Welcome to Team Foreskinjury, Julien!!
@49 - I'm sorry, I don't speak French (just American, and even that not so well), so I couldn't understand a thing you said. However, a Canadian friend of mine read your comment, and indicated that you stated there's whiskey in France, and something about how much I could imagine...I can imagine a lot.
@49: I enjoy Nutella too, but to be honest, it's too sweet to be any more than a spoonful. The smallest jars they sell in Toronto we can never finish before it goes bad. That said, I can't remember what treats they did sell in France last time I was there, but in Italy, the breadsticks sold with a big dollop of Nutella is the best pick-me-up *ever.*
Coucou JuJu,

Amuse-toi bien aux States, mais fais gaffe quand même. Seattle n’est pas du tout représentatif du pays. Et pour l’amour du ciel ne commence surtout pas à te fringuer ni te coiffer comme ces (gentils) ricains. Apporte-les plutôt un peu de style, grâce et classe – ça fait jamais du mal.

Bzzzz @+
Was it a "special" Rice Krispy treat? Cause dosing the new intern sounds like a lot of fun.
Julien appears to suffer from synesthesia. "Sound" is not the appropriate sense with which to evaluate "tasty."
Nutella is yummy. You can buy giant 2 packs of it at Costco.

Loved the description of articles inside the cover.

And don't worry about the smoking jibes - Americans are very insecure about their own nicotine habits and like to project onto other people.
I prefer the Dark Chocolate Spread that one can get from those Cost Plus World Market shops. To me it is better then Nutella and I can taste the chocolate.

But, when I have traveled in Europe I would make wonderful cheese and nutella sandwiches for lunch while I was eating at buffet breakfasts at some big hotels.
Je vous souhaite "Beinvenue" a Seattle. J'espere vous aurai une bonne sejour ici.
Comme dit on en français: "is that a baguette, or are you just happy to see me?"
Nutella croissants >> chocolate croissants, certainly.
I don't really care for rice-krispie treats myself. But I love me the hell out burritos. God... why are they so good?
The thing I miss the most about France is their yummy not-overly-caloric desserts.

Every time I go there for a few weeks American desserts taste overly ucky for a few months on my return.

Maybe he's just being kind?
@kristinbell: We wouldn't speak of a baguette here, we would do the same trick but with a phone, you see. We would say: "C'est ton téléphone là, ou t'es juste content de me voir ?"
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bon courage Julien! you're lucky to be there, you know that;) Fatima from Strasbourg:)