Come to Slog Happy TRIVIA This Thursday!


Gee, I don't know, it's way too far for me ...

Actually, I'm partying with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and one of the actresses from Wild Things that evening - but it does sound fun ...
OUCH! My toe hurts. Will in Seattle dropped a name on it.
It's at times like this that I'm super happy to NOT be PS Hoffman.
i plan to come late. i'm sure trivia will be over with, but i will come to see who's still hangin' around.
Correction: Scary Tyler Moore and Fnarf's team featuring Hernandez and Mrs. Hernandez.

Slog trivia is awesome and we will definitely try to be there!
STM is the ringer. You guys will have fun!
@5 Yes! Thank you. I couldn't remember who else was on the team. You HAVE to come--defend your title!
Hmm...I do love trivia. Maybe I should make an effort to come out. 6:30 is perfect.
allah hu akkbar
your arabic is shitty, derrick. give up trying to be funny, 'cause you ain't.
Will doesn't know what "ringer" means. It's no secret that Scary is the best by far -- I think Mr. & Mrs. Hernandez and I contributed one answer each while she ran the board. The woman knows everything.
(stares at Fnarf who has just described what a "ringer" is)

I see.
How late does Slog Happy usually run? I'm hoping to come with some friends but we can't leave from downtown, around westlake, until 7:30 (by bike, most likely). Will people still be around at 8ish?
scary tyler moore. now there's real wit.
why, thank you, fatasian, for the lovely compliment! you're so sweet! i know that if there's one thing worse than being talked about, it's not being talked about. bless you, oscar wilde.
im so hungry i could eat an entire bag of potatos then fly a plane into a building
That's "potatoes", Mr. Ito.

Will, you have now demonstrated TWICE that you don't know what "ringer" means. Here you go: "one who misrepresents his or her identity or ability in order to gain an advantage in a competition". See up there, where I wrote "It's not a secret"? Are you following me? No? I give up then.
@11 That is true. Her presence on a trivia team guarantees its victory.
@13 Things usually start to break up around 8 or so. You might still catch the tail end of it, though, if you hurry!
@17, I'm going to go pick up a phone, and then, after that, I will probably pick up a burrito on the way home.
Oh, Scary, can I be on the team again! I missed the last trivia, but I'm gonna do my all to be at this one. Loves me some random knowledge.
There's also Gelato across the street.
@22, Why Is Gelato Capitalized In Your Post, Will? It Makes You Look Like A Boob With An Aryan Fetish Or Something.
How is the parking near 9 Million? I hate spending all evening driving around in circles looking for a free spot.
@24 first rule of Fremont is don't look for free parking. The area NORTH of the main drag is mostly residential zoning after 8pm, but 2 hour zone before that. There are tons of bus lines - 26, 28, 30, 31, 5.

There is lots of free parking up the hill above N 39th, especially on Fremont Ave itself.

There are parking garages to the south of 9 Million. they're near the bridge down where Getty Images is. Also, remember, parking meters (mostly in the area south of the main drag) are free after 6 pm so you can pay for parking until 6 and it's free after that.
you can also park to the east of there, the residential parking area is only during daytime hours until 6 pm i think. after that anyone can park (e.g. near the Troll).
Awesome, thanks Will!

I have a huge truck and finding parking in Prius-ville is usually tough. Can I just park in the PCC garage and leave it? Do they have spaces big enough for king cabs?
trolling is a art. a art best left to owners of king cabs
@27 for something that big I'd recommend parking up north on N 39th on Fremont Avenue. It's a gentle slope down if you stay on Fremont until N 36th.
sure, enigma. just start cramming right now by reading the last 12 months of slog, line out and the stranger. then we might have a chance.
America, fuck yeah.
15 for 30 at the 9 mil.
Smarter not harder.
I was totally coming to link the Living Social deal. I'm wondering about the "One per table" caveat, though-- I'd hate to have our entire group counted as a "table."

Also, I'm super excited for trivia!